Dog Body Language

[Answered] Why Do Dogs Chew Their Own Feet & Legs?

Why do dogs chew their own feet? If you've ever witnessed your own dog cause themselves significant stress or physical harm as a result of self-inflicted actions, you'll know that our canine friends can sometimes be the cause of concern and worry when they develop a behaviour pattern that is self-destructive.
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Can Dogs Have Tourette’s Syndrome?

Readers of the K9 Magazine Dogosaurus may well be benefiting from being able to label the odd behaviours that our dogs present. We like to apply names to the often funny and sometimes strange behaviours our dog’s exhibit. It certainly…

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Why Does My Dog Ignore Me?

As a dog owner it can be seriously frustrating when your dog doesn’t listen. You find yourself calling your dog to no avail, training your dog produces sketchy results depending on the level of distraction. Training classes come and go…

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Why Do Dogs Shake?

An unusual encounter with a middle aged Terrier back in the Summer of 1998 gave me an interesting insight into the dog body language of shaking / or shivering dogs. I set my gaze on this small, but friendly dog…

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Understanding Your Dog’s Emotions

“Gross! Why’s he rolling around in the mud like that?” “I don’t know son, maybe he thinks he’s bathing.” Interestingly, wolves and other wild dogs rolled in mud and other fowl substances to disguise their scent from prey. While its…

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Why Do Dogs Bite

Why Do Dogs Bite?

Man’s best friend eh? The number of people who would have you believe that there is a generation (or group) of dogs intent on biting people for fun is quite alarming. Why do dogs bite? Well, let’s be clear on…

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Dog Territory Marking by Cocking Leg

Why Do Dogs Mark Territory?

At the San Diego Zoo, there’s a sign near the rhinoceros enclosure that reads, “Stay back at least 20 feet and beware when I turn my back to you.” The reason for the warning is that rhinos like to mark…

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