SEBO Felix Pet Vacuum Cleaner Review

The SEBO Felix Pet is a vacuum from a trusted German manufacturer that promises professional level performance for dog owning households.

  • Extremely simple set up
  • Great performance
  • Handles multiple surface types
  • Agile, lightweight & flexible
  • Really easy to empty
  • Corded
  • Some people may not like bags

The SEBO Felix Pet ePower is an updated version of the German company's tried and tested vacuum cleaner format that is designed specifically for dogs. The SEBO Felix Pet has received glowing praise from users who have an existing affinity for the SEBO brand and style, but how will it fare in the hands of someone who hasn't owned or even operated a SEBO vacuum cleaner before?

Dog owners have particular needs when it comes to vacuum cleaning performance, so getting the seal of approval from households with pets is always a good sign for a vacuum that is positioned squarely at the pet-owning market.

At K9 Magazine, we have developed a bit of a speciality for putting specialist pet vacuum cleaners through their paces, so this isn't our first rodeo when it comes to testing a vacuum cleaner that claims to offer professional level performance in a home where dog hairs are being shed pretty much 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

So how did the SEBO Felix Pet ePower vacuum perform - will it be the long-awaited competitor to our favourite 'workhorse' vacuum cleaner (this one), or is it another vacuum that talks the talk but can't walk the walk? Let's find out.

SEBO Felix vacuum review update (Sep 14, 2021). Well, I've been using the SEBO Felix now for several weeks and, as you'll see if you read the full review below, I was initially quite glowing about its performance. Since then, with some pretty hardcore use, I'm still delighted with how it's performing and it continues to impress me. It has a lot of work to do in my particular home and it stands up to it all admirably.

As ever, I like to provide updates when reviewing a product because, as we know, we have to live with products and their performance over a longer period is more important than how they operate when brand new. The SEBO Felix Pet is still a very highly recommended vacuum and definitely gets the K9 Magazine seal of approval.

The SEBO Felix is a corded vacuum. Personally, I always prefer cordless vacuums - well, cordless everything to be honest - but there is, in our experience, a slight catch with the cordless vacuum cleaners we've tested over the past few years. Yes, they are lighter, less clunky and obviously more convenient, but we have yet to test a cordless vacuum that can genuinely match the performance of the most powerful corded vacuum models.

Sometimes you just want to do a quick run around with the vacuum cleaner and in these circumstances, reaching for a cordless model will always be more attractive. But anyone who owns a couple of dogs and a cat will know that there are plenty of times when you need to do a 'real clean'. Those days where you notice that all three pets seem to be shedding fur at such a rate that only a powerhouse vacuum will get the job done. These are the times when we reach for the corded vacuum. The workhorse.

SEBO Felix Pet out of the box

The SEBO Felix pet comes in a tall box in which you will find the usual array of accessories. As a veteran of testing many vacuum cleaners the out of the box experience is a familiar one to me and this is the stage where my heart can rise or sink depending on how much construction of the vacuum cleaner I am expected to perform myself.

I'm not kidding when I say that some vacuum cleaners come in such a nice, neat little box but as soon as you open up the packaging you find yourself needing to sit on the floor, pouring through instruction booklets as it becomes obvious you almost need a degree in civil engineering before you get the vacuum set up and ready for action.

I am very pleased to confirm the SEBO Felix Pet was out of the box and ready for action in under 3 minutes. This, for me at least, is a big plus. I like products that come well packaged and ready to use with minimal fuss.

SEBO Felix Pet on a deep pile rug

I like to test vacuum cleaners by finding out how they respond naturally (i.e. without me doing much to the settings) to different surface types. So the first test for the SEBO Felix Pet was to see how it handled a deep pile rug. The deep pile rug in question is one where I often scatter some dog treats when performing environmental enrichment games with my dogs, so this is quite a stiff early test for the SEBO.

The vacuum responded really well to the thickness of the rug pile and it sucked up significantly more pet treat debris than the smaller, cordless vacuum I have been using in the past week. This is a good start.

SEBO Felix Pet on a hard floor

The next test was to see how the SEBO Felix Pet performed on a hard floor.

The manufacturer has the following to say about the SEBO Felix Pet:

The SEBO FELIX PET is designed to be suitable for all floor types; the power brush can be turned on or off and the SEBO KOMBI or optional SEBO Parquet can be fitted for optimum cleaning performance on any floor. The SEBO FELIX PET ePower features the S-Class filtration, activated charcoal odour filtration and a Stair and Upholstery Turbo Brush.

These claims, I find, are often where many vacuum cleaners don't live up to the product marketing blurb when faced with reality in the real world of a home with multiple floor surfaces.

In the case of the SEBO Felix Pet, the moment the vacuum cleaner moved from the challenging deep pile rug to what I would consider the easier task of picking up from a hard floor, the machine's red light flashed on.

I don't like to see red lights on equipment. This tends to be a signal that I need to go and read the instructions or watch a video and yes, I do appreciate we are supposed to read instructions but as I mentioned earlier, I like to test things as far as I can get away with before having to reach for the product manual. That's just me. So, what did I find?

The instruction manual reads as follows:

If an obstruction becomes jammed in the brush roller, a red brush-warning light will quickly flash, the brush roller will immediately stop spinning and the vacuum will shut off. The user should turn the power switch off, unplug the machine, and immediately remove the obstruction

Now, in my case, there was no obstruction. I had just moved the cleaner from one type of surface to another. I turned the machine back on, so starting on the hard floor, and the red light did not flash on and it performed a good job of picking up dirt, dust and dog hairs from our hard, uneven conservatory floor. So at first glance, it appears that the vacuum responded to a sudden change in surface by flashing the red light.

SEBO Felix Pet parts

SEBO Felix Pet Vacuum Cleaner Review

I discovered the source of the red light issue quite quickly by reading the instructions and it was a simple solution. The brush rollers that were in use on the deep pile rug did not need to be in use on the hard floor so a very easy adjustment on the SEBO Felix Pet settings corrected the problem.

Note: Before you use a new piece of technology, it pays to read the instructions first.

SEBO Felix Pet bags

If you'll allow me to go off on a very quick tangent before we discuss the SEBO Felix Pet bags. In 2004 I was thinking about purchasing a car from a well known German manufacturer. To this day I remember the salesperson telling me with a degree of confidence: "Once you've had one of these, you'll only ever want one of these". He was referring to the particular car manufacturer and I, frankly, did not believe him and put it down to the exuberance of someone who was keen to make a sale.

17 years later and I can safely say he was right and I was wrong. I have indeed stuck with that particular car manufacturer even though I really didn't think I would. I was never attracted to the brand in particular over any other. It wasn't my 'dream car'. It was just a car. But the salesperson knew what he was talking about.

Why do I bring this up, other than the fact that my car and SEBO are both German manufactured? Well, it's been quite an interesting experience reading people's opinions of SEBO.

Users of SEBO vacuum cleaners absolutely love this brand. I mean, really, really love it. So many times I've seen people refer to SEBO as a 'hidden gem' or maker of the best vacuum cleaners in the world. It looks like SEBO users are hardcore, brand loyal in a way that, say, Apple users are. I've read from SEBO users who have had the same vacuum for 10, 15 years or more. SEBO vacuum cleaners, it would appear, are built to last.

This is important. How many of us have bought a vacuum cleaner with promises of 'no loss of suction' or other longevity claims only to find ourselves having to replace the said product within a matter of 4 or 5 years? I know I have and I know of many other (particularly dog owners) in the same boat.

The SEBO Felix pet uses bags.

Personally, I haven't used a vacuum cleaner that uses bags since the 1980's. So this was quite a new experience for me and one that I had great reservations about.

How many times would I need to change the SEBO vacuum bags? How expensive would the replacement bags be? How do I know when the bag is full?

All of these questions were answered very quickly.

  1. The bags have large capacity
  2. Replacement bags were available on Amazon in packs of 8 for less than £14
  3. The vacuum has a bag full indicator light

It was upon reading about the bags that I discovered the SEBO secret.

The reason this brand of vacuum enjoys such a popular reputation for reliability and longevity is because of the bag and filter system the manufacturer uses.

My initial hesitation at living with a vacuum cleaner that uses bags was born of my natural inclination toward simplicity and the nice theory of not having to buy extra bits for my vacuum cleaner.

However, I then remembered what I was doing yesterday morning. I was stood beside the wheelie bin with a knife and a metal pole, behaviour which is quite normal now, as I cleaned out a bagless vacuum cleaner after a fairly standard home clean. Sure, the vacuum in question is agile, lightweight and doesn't require me to add or remove bags - but look at me, I'm standing by a bin going through the standard routine of unclogging all the pet hairs that have jammed up the various parts of the vacuum cleaner.

The SEBO offers a much simpler alternative. Bags and no clogs. No need for a kitchen knife to scrape out bits of cat fur that are lodged where it shouldn't be. No need for a long, thin metal pole to push out clumps of dog hair that are jammed in the vacuum neck.

I may (may) be a convert to bags. Stay tuned as I will update this review in the coming months and (hopefully) years.

SEBO Felix Pet key points

The SEBO Felix pet is very agile. I could get it into tight spots and thanks to its ability to completely flatten out, I could manoeuvre it easily under the lowest tables in my home.

For such a powerful vacuum cleaner, I found the SEBO Felix Pet to be incredibly lightweight. It was easy to carry and easy to use. This is a big advantage. I'm used to powerhouse vacuums, particularly the ones that claim to offer 'professional performance' to also be much bulkier and heavier. Oh, how I would trade my kingdom for a vacuum cleaner with the performance of the SEBO Felix Pet but didn't have a cord. Surely, someday soon one of the manufacturers will crack this code!

SEBO Felix Pet Vacuum Cleaner Review

Cord aside, could I see the SEBO Felix Pet becoming my go-to vacuum in a home where I'm lucky enough to have access to many, many different types of specialist pet vacuum cleaners? Yes. I could. The fact that it is lightweight, agile and blessed with that reliable German engineering is big, big plus points for someone who has to clean a reasonably large, mainly carpeted home that is inhabited by two very large black dogs and a much smaller, tortoiseshell cat. Each beast is capable of shedding hair as if it were an Olympic sport - so my requirement for a high-performance vacuum cleaner nearly always trumps my desire to use a nifty, cordless little run-around.

The SEBO Felix Pet is as close as I've got to trying a vacuum that offers true power and professional level suction in a lightweight, agile frame. If it was cordless, I think I'd be able to safely say it may just be my favourite vacuum of all time.

SEBO Felix Pet - from the manufacturer

The SEBO FELIX PET offers professional performance for the home in a lightweight, versatile and easy to manoeuvre the machine.

Innovation. The SEBO FELIX is designed to be suitable for all floor types; the power brush can be turned on or off and the SEBO KOMBI Head or optional attachments such as the SEBO Parquet Brush can be fitted for optimum cleaning performance on any floor. The turnable neck lets you steer around obstacles with ease. The handle height can be adjusted for comfort and is ideal for storage, whilst variable power lets you choose the optimum suction level. The powerhead can be removed at the push of a button for car cleaning or for stairs and the brush roller can be turned off for delicate floors. Other practical features include cassette style brush roller removal and an L-shaped head that can reach under radiators.

Performance. The high-performance motors and the efficient air flow design combine to give outstanding cleaning results - which is why SEBO regularly comes top in independent tests.

Quality. Made in Germany, SEBO vacuum cleaners are constructed from the highest quality materials. Every SEBO vacuum cleaner is fully tested before it leaves the factory so that you can be confident that in buying a SEBO, you are buying the best.

Should you buy the SEBO Felix Pet?

This vacuum comes with the K9 Magazine seal of approval. It is a great vacuum cleaner, ideal for dog-owning households.

How much does the SEBO Felix Pet vacuum cleaner cost?

Currently, we have found the SEBO Felix Pet retailing for prices ranging between £273.99 and £323.

See SEBO Felix Pet Prices »

SEBO official website.

SEBO Felix Pet Vacuum Cleaner Review
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  • Ease of Use
  • Features
  • Bag Capacity
  • Value For Money


The SEBO Felix Pet is an absolutely fantastic, easy to use vacuum cleaner for dog owning homes that is reasonably priced for a cleaner in this range. It's got professional power in a lightweight, highly portable body. It's not cordless and it uses bags, but if you are new to SEBO, like me, you'll soon learn why so many SEBO customers absolutely adore this brand.


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