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K9 Magazine is a dog magazine published by Total Pet Publishing.

It is a digital lifestyle magazine featuring a wide range of dog ownership topics including advice on everything from dog training to dog diet advice as well as interviews with celebrity dog lovers and insightful features on the broadest range of dog topics.


K9 Magazine is NOT an instruction manual on dog welfare nor does it set out to preach to you about dog ownership. K9 is a lifestyle magazine for people with an interest in dogs and contains interviews & profiles with top celebrity dog owners and features on everything from how to have a more pet friendly house to consumer advice for dog owners.

K9 Magazine is essential reading for anyone who owns or has an interest in dogs. The ONLY dedicated lifestyle magazine for modern dog owners, K9 Magazine has caught the imagination of thousands of dog lovers with its unique brand of friendly, informative advice coupled with features and articles which are both enthralling and easy to digest.

All you ever needed to know about selecting a dog, breed profiles, canine behaviour, diet, health and lots, lots more. K9 Magazine addresses the burning issues affecting today's modern, considerate dog owners via a panel of top professional pet industry experts and professional advisors.

Every issue of K9 Magazine contains directories and resources so YOU can find anything and everything you could ever need for your dog. From pet sitters, pet food, dog trainers, pet friendly hotels, pet websites, alternative therapists, kennels, pet portraits, pet shops, vets and more. They're all inside.

K9 Magazine is a dog magazine that credits its readership with the power to think for themselves. Addressing the most controversial and highly charged topics affecting the dog world, K9 Magazine highlights the issues but does not pass judgement. Our readers are intelligent and care passionately, so do we.

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Contact us by email: admin@k9magazine.com

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Address: K9 Magazine, High St, Warsop, NG20 0AA

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