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  1. We started taking dogs to their owners weddings back in 2017 after we had no one to leave our dogs eith at our sons wedding. We absolutely adore seeing the smiles love and laughter when they arrive at the owners weddings.

    Dogs are family.

    We would love to feature in your magazine that is filled with such wonderful articles. They really do change your lives and are so much better than humans!

    We are a licensed and insured small family business in Devon who run a doggy daycare, dog walking and dog chaperoning at your wedding business.

    We won Best British Newcomer at the and YouYourMagazine awards in Feb 2020 just before lockdown in Mayfair, London and have been a Regional Finalist at the TWIA Awards 2021.

    Weddings are starting to come back to life again now thank goodness and we have 8 this year, 4 already booked for 2022 and 2 booked for 2023.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.

    We have accounts on both Facebook and Instagram.

    Best wishes

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