How to Cure Pulling on the Lead

If your dog pulls on the lead, don't worry you are not alone. In fact, it's a pretty common - albeit frustrating - problem. But it needn't be a long term problem.

There are several specialist products on the market designed to specifically help stop your dog pulling, but ultimately they all need to be accompanied by sound dog training principles.

It's something that can affect any dog owner, regardless of the dog's size but if you have a big powerful dog, such as a Dobermann or German Shepherd, it will certainly not be the most pleasurable experience to have him pull you all the way to the park! Not to mention, it could also be dangerous.

Some dog owners have told us they have been so frustrated as a result that they no longer want to walk their dog as they find it such hard work and not to mention embarrassing! And that's not a solution.

So what can you do? In this eBook, we have some great advice to share with you to help you stop your dog from pulling on the lead and make walk time more enjoyable for both you and your dog.


How to Cure Pulling on the Lead

In this special report, canine psychologist Natalka Jacyszyn takes you through the process of achieving the happy, heel-walking experience that so many dog owners crave.

This simple but effective report is FREE to K9 Magazine Premier members to download instantly.

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How to Cure Pulling on the Lead

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