Best Automatic Pet Feeders

Automatic pet feeders are growing in popularity as more dog owners return to the office. Whether you feed your dog once, twice or even three times a day, an automatic feeder can help break up your dog's boredom if they're home alone for a few hours - even if it's just to dispense a small snack.

Automatic feeders allow you to set up a routine that provide your dog with access to food at the same time every day, regardless of whether you’re home or not.

Our guide to selecting the best automatic pet feeders is designed to help you make the best choice based on multiple selection criteria.

Selection criteria for picking recommended automatic pet feeders:

  • Good quality and safety. We consider quality and safety as well as the functional performance of any products we recommend.
  • Value for money. Automatic pet feeders can solve a number of challenges for dog owners who may need to be out of the house longer than usual. As we know, dogs shouldn't be left on their own all day and an automatic pet feeder is never a replacement or a long-term alternative for someone providing real engagement, mental stimulation and toilet breaks. However, there are some scenarios where they can really serve a valuable purpose.
  • How much dog owners like them. As automatic pet feeders have increased in popularity, we also factor in whether dog owners are, in general, finding the products we recommend to be reliable and maintain functional performance over a sustained period.

About our best automatic pet feeder recommendations

We’ll be updating and adding to this automatic pet feeder guide so you can bookmark the page and we'll keep you posted when any new automatic pet feeder meets our selection criteria for recommendation.

So, let's get started. Here are our favourite automatic pet feeders in 2021 so far.

Programmable Portion Control

Petlibro Programmable Portion Control Feeder

Priced from £50.99

Best Automatic Pet Feeders

About Petlibro Programmable Portion Control Feeder:

The Petlibro Automatic Pet Feeder helps take care of your pet with customisable meal times and portions, which you can quickly set up with an easy-to-use LCD screen, based on your pet’s age, weight and activity.

Designed to house smaller kibble size, the Petlibro is ideal as an automatic feeder for cats, small dogs or as a timer-based treat dispenser for all dogs. K9 Magazine tested it as a treat dispenser for our two dogs and it performed admirably.

The option to use a voice recording is a nice touch, but our dogs were less interested in hearing from us and more focussed on who could get to the treats fastest.

Keeps dry kibble fresh in the food tank with the desiccant bag (one included), so that your pet can have fresh and delicious food at every meal.

Best Automatic Pet Feeders

Easily set the time, meals, and portions via the LCD screen. Recording 10s of your voice can let your pet know it’s time to eat. There is also a manual feeding function that can give your pet extra rewards.

4 litres large capacity, Petlibro healthy pet feeder has humanized design that requires two hands to press on both sides to open, it is convenient and simple and can also prevent pets from knocking down and causing excessive eating.

If you are based outside of the UK – visit this link and you can get a 15% discount by using the code: XK9

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Schedule Digital Pet Feeder

PetSafe Schedule Digital Pet Feeder

Priced from £132.00

Best Automatic Pet Feeders

About PetSafe Schedule Digital Pet Feeder:

PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed is a convenient, stress-free way to feed your pet and simplify your life. It automatically feeds your pet per the portion and schedule you set whether you are asleep, at work, or away.

It is fully programmable and with its sleek style and advanced features, the Healthy Pet Simply Feed design keeps both you and your pet in mind.

An innovative conveyor dispenses most dry and semi-moist foods for best portion control and accuracy, while the pet-proof dispenser keeps your pet from accessing the food.

Best Automatic Pet Feeders

The unique Slow Feed option is a perfect solution for a pet that eats too fast, helping prevent bloat and vomiting.

Fewer refills are needed with the 24-cup capacity hopper. Dishwasher safe parts make clean-up quick and easy, giving you more time to spend with your pet.

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Wet or Dry Food Automatic Pet Feeder

Cat Mate C20 Automatic Pet Feeder

Priced from £26.95

Best Automatic Pet Feeders

About Cat Mate C20 Automatic Pet Feeder:

The Cat Mate C20 Automatic Pet Feeder takes care of difficult feeding times by allowing you to prepare 2 meals and leaving the C20 to take care of the rest.

This automatic feeder has a dial timer with up to a 48-hour delay that can be easily programmed for up to two scheduled meals that open at your chosen time.

Best Automatic Pet Feeders

According to the manufacturer, the design makes it perfect not only for cats but small dogs as well. The two food compartments each hold up to 450g of wet or dry food and have a deep dish design to help prevent spillage.

A tamper-resistant lid that locks into place stops eager pets from overeating outside of normal meal times. The feeder also comes with an ice pack that sits in the bottom compartment.

The ice-pack and closed-lid design keep food fresh all day long. The bowls and lids are dishwasher safe.

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Smart Feed Automatic Feeder

PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Feeder

Priced from £136.58

Best Automatic Pet Feeders

About PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Feeder:

With the PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder, bring peace of mind to mealtime.

Designed by pet parents, you can schedule, monitor and adjust your pet’s feeding schedule remotely with the user-friendly smartphone app.

Meals can be scheduled for up to 12 times daily in sizes from 1/8 cup (29 ml) to 4 cups (946 ml) per meal.

Best Automatic Pet Feeders

The optional Slow Feed setting dispenses meals in small amounts over 15 minutes for pets who tend to eat too quickly.

The Feed Now option lets you serve a meal on demand any time from the app or with the push of a pet-proof button on the feeder.

The included stainless-steel bowl with a removable holder prevents your pet from tipping or moving the bowl. These components and the upper compartment where food is added are all dishwasher safe, top rack only.

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Automatic 5 Meal Pet Feeder

PetSafe Automatic 5 Meal Pet Feeder

Priced from £49.00

Best Automatic Pet Feeders

About PetSafe Automatic 5 Meal Pet Feeder:

The PetSafe 5 Meal Feeder removes the hassle of planning ahead, allowing Pet Parents to set Meal times up to 5 days in advance.

Ideal for holidays, overnight feeds or when you’re simply too busy, the 5 Meal Feeder will automatically serve food at the time, chosen by you.

Organising your day around a tight schedule can be stressful, especially when on the go.

Best Automatic Pet Feeders

Freeing pet owners from the task of constantly overseeing their Pet’s portion sizes, the Automatic Pet Feeder can be used to dish out smaller Meals or treats throughout the day.

Alternatively, the 5 Meal Pet Feeder is a practical solution for poorly Pets in need of medication at specific times while you’re away.

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We will be updating this article regularly with fuller reviews of the best automatic pet feeders 2021 has to offer as well as any others we find and think you have to know about - so check back regularly for updates!

If you have an automatic pet feeder recommendation that our readers should know about, we want to hear from you. Feel free to suggest your favourite automatic pet feeders in the comments section below.

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