Issue 144

K9 Magazine Issue 144

In This Issue... Behaviour: How Clever Is Your Dog? Interview: Hadar Cats Talking Point: What Happened When Peter Egan Visited This Indonesian Dog Meat Market Behaviour: Can Dogs Have ADHD? Nutrition: How To Make Cheesy Cinnamon Buns Your Dog Will…
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Dog Owner Trends In 2021 (What To Watch)

As 2021 kicks into gear we thought we'd offer some predictions for dog owner trends in 2021 related to dog health, dog adoption, dog nutrition and buying habits. Cost-cutting, private label products Due to the financial implications of Covid-19 on…
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Can Dogs Really Die in Cold Weather?

Most dogs love a good romp in the snow or long walk on a frosty day. And for the most part, they’re naturally equipped to tolerate cold temperatures to an impressive degree — especially dense or double-coated breeds like Siberian…
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