Issue 120

K9 Magazine Issue 120

In This Issue... Science: The Myths About Dogs & Asthma Real Life: This Rescue Dog Helped a Family to Heal, Here’s Her Story Lifestyle: Real Housewife Perla Navia Introduces Us to Her Dog Best Dog Products: Countdown to Christmas: Gift…
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How Big a Threat Are Superbugs to Your Dog?

Every November, politicians and medical professionals across Europe call on fellow doctors, nurses and members of the public to think carefully about prescribing and using antibiotics, as part of European Antibiotic Awareness Day. This is because the threat posed by…
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The Myths About Dogs & Asthma

A new study has been investigating the link between dogs and asthma with some interesting results. Over the years, it has been believed that hypoallergenic dog breeds, primarily those who don't shed and produce less dander which can cause allergies, such…
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