Issue 120

14 Photos Which Sum up How Your Dog Feels About the Working Day

These 14 dogs aren't impressed by the working day. In fact, they can't wait for you to get home, so is it going home time already.

I'll sit here as long as I have to...

Photo Credit: Elisa

...I mean it, I honestly will

Photo Credit: Greta Lovisa Gustafsson

I get a better view from up here though...

Photo Credit: normanack

... so I'll keep watching

Photo Credit: Emily Abrams

And waiting...

Photo Credit: Lena Vasiljeva

...Surely it can't be too much longer

Photo Credit: num look

I'll just rest my eyes for 5 minutes...

Photo Credit: Dukas Ju

...Is that him?

Photo Credit: fumigraphik

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Have you heard about...?

Did you hear her car?

Photo Credit: Scott Anderson

Hello there?

Photo Credit: Andreas Levers

No, it wasn't them. It was the post. We're still waiting...

Photo Credit: Claudio Matsuoka

...But if you hurry we'll even do chores

Photo Credit: Spanish Flea

Just come home soon...

Photo Credit: Ed Brownson's SUCH hard work waiting around!

Photo Credit: Jed Sullivan


Enjoy your weekend!



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