8 Ways To Make Your Dog’s Day

In theory a dog’s day should take about seven times longer to elapse than our own, so to that end, it would be nice if his day was filled with seven times more fun than our own, but that may never be practical. Dogs thrive on mental stimulation and if delivered cleverly by the clued up owner, each day can bring its own adventures and excitement to enrich a dog’s life.

Read on as Desmond Fellows uncovers 8 ways to make your dog's day.

Change His Toys Around

It’s advisable from a pack dynamics point of view for the owner to be the one in charge of the toys. That way your dog knows it’s a privilege and not a right to have some play time.  But taking charge of the toys offers you the opportunity to bring some variety in to the daily routine. By removing and reintroducing various toys on a day-to-day basis, you are encouraging your dog to use his brain more effectively. If given the same toy for a long time, a dog may go into ‘auto-pilot’ and simply chew, shred or destroy the item without really thinking about it.

By mixing up and changing the toys from one day to the next, your dog has an almost new mental challenge each day. It is also a great idea to alternate what times and in which areas of the house the dog has access to toys – where practical. Different floors for example, make the experience of a certain toy quite different, so again, this could provide a new mental experience for the dog.

Take A Different Route On Your Walk

In the vast majority of dog owning households, going for a walk is the high point of the day. But that is no reason not to improve on already winning formula. It isn’t just the exercise that appeals to a dog, they are able to indulge their senses in new scenery, explore new smells and now and then meet new people and dogs. Many people have a pre-planned route which they take when walking the dog.

We'd love to hear your own tales of ways you make your dog's day. Contact us via the site and we'll feature some of your stories next month.



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