Your Dog Might Do These Things…Now You Can Give Them a Name

Dogs. They’re a unique bunch. But some of the things they do are universally recognisable. See if you can spot any of your dog’s tricks and traits in K9 Magazine’s very own ‘Dogosaurus’ and finally put a name to some of those exclusively canine quirks we all know and love….

Hit the stage v.

To make a dramatic entrance, usually by way of slamming or ‘barnstorming’ through a door to announce to all and sundry occupying a particular room that ‘I am here, you must be thrilled to see me’

Hit the deck v.

Occurs when an attempt to ‘hit the stage’ is made against a closed door.

Legal technicality n.

Occurs when human food is placed out of bounds, on a coffee table for instance, and the dog is aware that taking said food from table would be deemed ‘illegal’. A legal technicality occurs when food is ‘accidentally’ knocked to the floor by a ‘clumsy’ dog at which point the food can be consumed on a legal technicality.

See no Evil, there is no Evil n.

An occasional tactical plea of innocence used when rebuffing an accusation of a canine crime. The dog may plead not guilty to an act of wrong doing by issuing the ‘see no evil, there is no evil’ defence. The defence is constructed around the theory that if the dog refuses to look or even acknowledge any part of a canine crime scene then said crime never occurred.

Example: The dog, whilst innocently trying to take care of an irritating itch behind the ear may accidentally kick over a small table featuring a highly breakable ornament. Upon ornament smashing to floor, the dog’s owner will rush to the crime scene and issue an instant charge that ‘the dog did it’. By refusing to look at the damage and in fact by actively averting their gaze to absolutely anywhere in the room away from the shards of broken bone china littering their immediate vicinity, the dog is issuing a robust defence on the grounds that; ‘I can’t see anything and therefore there is nothing to see here, please move along and carry on with your business’.

The Court Jester descriptive.

The Court Jester is a dog capable of injecting any situation with their own brand of canine humour to uproarious levels of laughter. Court Jesters come in all shapes and sizes and tend to be born comedians. In some cases the Court Jester does not realise they are comedic, which tends to make them even funnier. By a strange twist of fate, Court Jesters are often partnered by serious or stern owners and can often be seen trying to turn a serious or solemn situation into a laugh-a-minute comedy-fest with their slapstick antics.

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