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Why Are So Many Dogs Less Well Behaved Today? Could It Be…

Why Are So Many Dogs Less Well Behaved Today? Could It Be...

Britain’s badly behaved Beagles and disobedient Dachshunds could be running amok thanks to an evolving desire amongst owners to humanise their pets. There’s little doubt that dog owners today are far more educated on the main principles of dog behaviour and to some extent, canine psychology but the huge growth in the pet behaviour industry also tells the tale that modern dogs are as naughty today as they've ever been.

Ryan O'Meara thinks he might know why that is.

For years Hollywood has portrayed film-star canines as animals whose motivations are based on human perceptions and values. Lassie saves a rabbit from death, for example, or Benji solves a crime, or Rin Tin Tin protects the fort from outlaws. These animal films are very entertaining, and the canine actors are extremely well trained, but they’ve popularised the notion that our dog's abilities to think, feel and reason mirror our own.

Could this misguided view of canine psychology be a major contributing factor to a large percentage of undesired dog behaviour seen in thousands, if not millions of homes around the world?

Expecting a dog to do things he simply cannot or has no understanding of is not uncommon. Expecting dogs to think as we humans do is also widespread. The reason the dog beat off competition from all other animals to the title of man’s best friend is in no small part to do with his sheer skill at adapting his way of life to fit in with ours. It is this skill that is the likely cause for our frequent misreading of his intentions and motives.

Us modern dog owners are, almost without exception, guilty of inadvertently teaching our dogs bad behaviour by simply not, for want of a better expression, treating a dog like a dog. Ouch! Why did I feet a little pang of guilt when I wrote that? Why do I feel like the bad guy or some kind of archaic, Victorian disciplinarian for saying it’s not only OK to treat a dog like a dog, it’s the BEST way to live in harmony with them?

Dog Chewing

Many dogs have their personalities labeled fairly early on in their lives. They can be painted as spiteful, daft, stubborn, ignorant, jealous, mischievous and sometimes just plain bad. “You bad dog!” We've all heard it and many of us have used it.

The problem is, whenever we try to evaluate canine behaviour using human values we are misinterpreting our dogs emotions and behavioural motives.

[premiumcontent] Do you agree that modern dogs are less well behaved than years gone by? Let us know!



  1. jeanette fossum

    April 8, 2014 at 6:19 pm

    i am very fond of my animals, but they are still animals. Don’t put human emotions in the mix. too many folks go into this political correct senario. think i spelled it wrong but you get the idea.
    my dogs learn to obey when they are young.

  2. syeda shumail shah

    June 19, 2014 at 8:37 am

    i have a female dog and it is very cute and pretty and her name is pinky i love my dog but i have problem that she does not ply wellabd she heart the kitten i have two lovely kitten i wont that she play whit them plz tell me some advise for my dog behaiour.

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