Issue 58

What Happens When My Dog Gets Neutered?

Spaying and neutering is a constant hot topic in the canine world. Welfare charities insist that it is the holy grail of population control, whilst breeders would not exist if they believed the same. Questions such as, what happens when…

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Pet Friendly Kent with Juliette Foster

Welcome to the next instalment of our pet friendly travel feature with the lovely Juliette Foster and her dog, Socrates. Over the next few issues we will be taking a tour of different pet friendly hotels and areas across the…

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Interview With Holly Madison

Holly Madison is a well known American TV personality known for shows such as The Girls Next Door and Holly’s World. After spending some years headlining her own show in Las Vegas, she decided 2012 was time for a new…

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puppy training

7 Tips For Puppy Perfection

If you’re one of the lucky people who has recently acquired or are thinking of getting a new puppy, congratulations! You’ve done your homework, selected the breed that’s right for you and best matches your lifestyle. So now it’s the…

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Bulldog losing energy

Why Is My Dog Losing Energy?

Dear K9 Magazine, I own a six year old Bull Dog bitch. Recently her energy levels seemed to have dropped and she seems to have trouble mounting the stairs and getting on to the sofa. She is out of breath…

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