10 Activities To Get Fit With Your Dog

Now that summer is here you may have been inspired by the plethora of sporting events on show to get active. One of the key ingredients to successfully getting in shape is finding something that isn’t a chore, which you will want to do and that will burn of those inches. Which is why K9 Magazine has found ten top activities for you and your dog to get in shape to this summer.

running with dogs

Sniff ‘n’ Seek

Add an element of problem solving to normal fetching games by hiding a toy or treat either in the open outdoors or at home in the garden. Two people are needed if playing in the fields, one to hold the dog whilst the other hides.

Choose the hiding spot carefully so that your dog doesn’t injure themselves whilst searching.

Equipment needed: Dog’s favourite toy/treat and hiding place.


Teaching your dog to catch and fetch a flying disc is very enjoyable and inexpensive. Simply stand in one spot of an open field or park and watch while your dog exercises every muscle in their body whilst having fun. A little encouragement might be needed to begin with such as racing your dog to the Frisbee.

Equipment needed: Fling-a-Ring or Fantasy Flyer

Fun In The Water

Swimming is an excellent form of exercise for everyone including our dogs. Incorporate swimming with fetching items such as balls and toys out of the water to keep it interesting for your dog. Always keep an avid eye on them throughout.

Equipment needed: Water-proof dog toys (Kong Float, Disc-o-Dog, Crufts Soft Football, Air Kong Fetch Stick) and water (paddling pool of at least a foot deep dependent on size of dog or outdoor streams, ponds and lakes)


Running is excellent for the cardiovascular system of both human and dog. Begin with a slow walk, then increase the pace to a jog, finally to a sprint and then back down to a slow walk. By doing this, your dog gets the best of both, a workout for his heart and social time with a sniff on the slow walk.

Equipment needed: Running trainers, a bag for drinking bowl, water and poop-a-scoops plus usual dog walking gear (collar/harness and lead).

Agility Course

An agility course is a test for both you and your dog. It keeps the dog’s senses sharp and the brain occupied as he tries to master each part. A little encouragement and patience might be needed to begin with as your dog gets comfortable with the equipment.

Equipment needed: Agility starter kit

Yoga (Doga)

Yoga for canines is the latest American import to hit the UK. It combines the human version with dogs and is proven to calm even the most unruly of dogs. Canine Yoga involves a variety of stretches and massages in a variety of different positions.

Equipment needed: Doga, Yoga for Dogs Book (written by William Berloni and published by Chronicle Books.) Pet Pavilion in London also run classes.


If you live in a particularly hilly area then take your dog for a more challenging walk and the new area to explore will leave them entertained. This can also be done in a forest where fallen tree trunks can be used to jump and balance on.

Equipment needed: Running trainers, a bag for drinking bowl, water and poop-a-scoops plus usual dog walking gear (collar/harness and lead).

Bubble Buddy Fun

This fun and easy to use machine offers a different way to have fun with your dog. It encourages interaction as they try to chase and catch the scented bubbles around the garden.

Equipment: Bubble Buddy – comes in Bacon and BBQ chicken flavours

Treatball Maze

If your dog is an avid fan of treatballs then liven it up with a maze set in your back garden. These can be set to as difficult or easy as you want and the fun can last for hours as long as the treats do!

Equipment needed: Treatball, treats and maze boundaries (bricks, wood or weighted boxes for example.)

K9 Mini-Olympics

A true test of your dogs’ agility, power, tricks, brain and endurance. The K9 Mini-Olympics combines some of the activities already mentioned in this article and a few new ones. The Olympics can be played against other teams of friends and family together with their dogs. The different stages include: Sprint Fetch (fetching a ball thrown with a Chuck It! or a Ball-Stomper machine as quick as possible), Tricks (performing a variety of tricks including shaking paws and roll-over), Sniff ‘n’ Seek, Agility and finally the relay race (set out the course as in diagram and time how long it takes the teams to complete.) The team with the most point’s after all five rounds are the winners.

Equipment needed: Agility Starter Kit, cones, ball-stomper/chuck it! scoring board and stop-watch.


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  2. What a great post. As someone who helps those who have a bad back get back into being fit this article really shows the many different ways one can stay active, thus becoming a more fit individual. Almost half of the households in the United States own dogs and these dog owners should be enjoying their dogs in a more physical way to not only keep their dogs happy and healthy but themselves as well.

    Great article!


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