Issue 53

[Answered] Why Do Dogs Chew Their Own Feet & Legs?

Why do dogs chew their own feet? If you've ever witnessed your own dog cause themselves significant stress or physical harm as a result of self-inflicted actions, you'll know that our canine friends can sometimes be the cause of concern and worry when they develop a behaviour pattern that is self-destructive.
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Interview With Kaki West

Kaki West is an accomplished fashion model, actress and red carpet host who lives in New York with her husband, two children and best friend, Roki. With her fourth FHM covershoot approaching, K9 Magazine jumped at the chance to make…
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Keep Your Dog Safe

eBook: Keep Your Dog Safe

Losing a dog is a devastating event. Ask anyone who's been through the horror of not knowing where their beloved pet is and they'll recite you a tale of sheer hell, suffering and misery. Sadly, dog theft is on the…
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K9 Magazine Issue 53

Inside this edition of K9 Magazine.... Dog Body Language: Why Do Dogs Mount? Interview With Kaki West How To Choose a Dog Trainer K9 Health: Gum Disease in Dogs: A More Serious Problem Than First Glance Reveals eBook: Keep Your Dog…
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Pet Friendly Devon with Kate Lawler

Welcome to the next instalment of our pet friendly travel feature with the lovely Kate Lawler and her two dogs, Baxter and Kevin. Over the next few issues we will be taking Kate, Baxter and Kevin on a tour of…
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