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The Top Five Designer Dog Beds

We're always on the hunt for the best dog products around, and we suddenly thought - what's the point in us knowing if we don't tell you? Continuing our series of the Best Dog Products, we've been hard at work finding the best dog beds. Chloe and Mia have given their valuable insight leaving us with their top 5 designer dog beds - we hope our selection has something just for you!

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So, without further delay, here's 's countdown of the best designer dog beds!

Danish Design Morocco Bed from Pets J’adore – An exotic mix that brings a hint of Africa to your home! This faux suede bed is washable.

Price £30.38-45.63

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Pocket Bed Dog Travel Bed from Pocket Bed – A great, light-weight dog travel bed. Make the Pocket Bed your dog’s travel companion!

Price £29.99-34.99

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Snugdogs from Avondale Pet Luxury – A wonderful, fun and very different design style dog bed, this bed can lay flat or stand up! The comfy cushion is sure to be a firm favourite place for your dog to relax.

Price £25-45

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Danish Design Luxury Tweed Slumber Bed from Paws Boutique – Available in 6 sizes, this bed is bound to provide the perfect fit for your dog. These stylish dog beds evoke the essence of the countryside.

Price £16.99-48.99

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dijana

    December 25, 2012 at 6:45 am

    it depends on what kind of dog you have i have a aallstrian blue healer and we leave her outside for at the most of an 2hour period and then let her back in but she has a house,toys, and food, and water out there

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