eBook: How To Enhance Your Dog’s Life

Britain is known as a nation of pet lovers with 8.5 million dog owning households, yet more than 18 million of Britain's pets are at risk of health scares as a result of poorly fed diets and unhealthy lifestyles.

Statistics released from the Butcher's Healthy Happy Hound Report claim that 51% of dog owners admit to feeding their pets left overs and scraps, while 21% admit to feeding fatty snacks such as crisps or sugary sweets. In its quest to discover how fit the modern dog actually is, the report discovered that dogs are walked an average of 33 minutes a day, whereas their wild cousins are active for around 4 1/2 hours per day.

Sitting Beagle

To help combat the problem K9 Magazine teamed up with Butcher's Pet Care to launch Fit & Fun Dog Month, sponsored by Butcher's Lean & Tasty, to bring you this eBook packed full of features and advice from nutritional, training and behavioural experts.

In this eBook you will find answers to everything from:

- Dog Food - How Much is Just Enough?
- Is My Dog Overweight?
- 5 Exercise Must-Dos For Busy Pet Owners
- Do Certain Dog Breeds Require More Exercise?
- Is My Dog Happy?
- Is A Meat Diet Good For Dogs?
- Expert Training Tips for Older Dogs


[sws_toggle1 title="Read an Extract of the eBook"] Help! My Dog Destroys The House When Left Alone

Separation anxiety is a problem that can develop in a young puppy, a rescue dog who may have suffered in its previous home and has now attached itself to a new owner, or even a well established family pet dog who has become used to always having a human friend around and now, for whatever reason, finds himself left home alone, maybe even only for a short period of time.

This anxiety may present itself in a number of ways, such as constant barking or howling, particularly when his humans have left him alone in the house, but can start to occur when his humans have retired to bed and he has been left alone in his bed area, in say the kitchen or whatever.

It is common for a dog under such stress, to damage the fabric of the room that he has been secured in, particularly in the door and door frame where his humans have made their exit, or it could be that the dog will go to the toilet in this room, and it could be a number of times within the time that he has been left alone.

Mike Mullan, dog behaviourist and Crufts judge, has teamed up with Butcher's Pet Care to offer some crucial advice helping dog owners prevent the problem developing in the first place.

Here he explains his theories.

First introductions and bringing Fido Home for the first time

My motto is 'prevention is better than the cure', this particularly applies to a new puppy or rescue dog in the home. Firstly, before the dog comes to live with you, you should take a clean piece of bedding or a hand towel over to the present keepers of the dog.  This bedding should be placed in the dog’s bed for a twenty four hour period before you pick him up.

When you collect him you must place this blanket in an air tight plastic bag, this will make sure that it retains the scent of your dog's previous living quarters, and when it is placed on his bed in your home it will give him a sense of security because he will recognise the established smell.  If he is a puppy and leaving his litter mates, a hot water bottle should be placed under the blanket as this will replicate their body heat.  [/su_spoiler]

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eBook: How To Enhance Your Dog's Life

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