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Best Of The Web: Web-a-holics Special

Best Of The Web: Web-a-holics Special

We're always searching through the latest and greatest releases in the canine world when we suddenly thought - what's the point in us knowing if we don't tell you?

Continuing our series, we've been hard at work finding the best pet websites around - we hope our selection has something just for you!

So, without further delay, here's K9 Magazine's Web-a-Holics countdown! – A must-visit site if you’re looking for a dog cage for your vehicle. Made to measure, these washable Dog-Pods are durable and fold flat for storage/transit. Plus, they’re rattle free! Dog Pods home page

Visit Online Now – myDogBuddy will help you find a warm and friendly place, a home from home dog sitter, for your dog when you go away. Customer reviews encouraged online for peace of mind. Visit the site and enter your postcode to get started.

myDogBuddy home page

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I Has A Hotdog – Where do you go when you want to spend 5 minutes, or more (no judging here!), looking at funny dog memes? This may be a site you’ve visited before, it’s certainly a classic and most definitely worth saving to your favourites. Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face whenever need.

I Has A Hotdog home page

Visit Online Now – Leading experts in natural and raw pet food, the Natures Menu site is a hub of information and advice – including expert videos about feeding a raw diet and the benefits. Awarded GOLD for Supplier of the year 2013! Visit now to find out more and order online.

Natures Menu home page

Visit Online Now – Producers of Organic Grooming Therapies and health products for your pets! Visit the brand new site and online store today. Quistel – naturally the best for your pet.

Quistel Organic Pet Care   Grooming Supplies For Dogs  Cats   Horses

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