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Real Life: The Story Of An Unlikely Assistance Dog

Real Life: The Story Of An Unlikely Assistance Dog

The story of many dogs abandoned or placed with a rehoming shelter is often a sad one. Dogs that are rehomed once face a challenge competing for homes, but the odds of a twice abandoned dog finding a happy end are even slimmer.

Which is why the story of Lily, a soon to be invaluable hearing dog is quite remarkable, says Annie Rogers.

Who would ever imagine that a marriage break-up could be the start of something really good? Well, not many of us. But, for the South Cotswolds Branch of the RSPCA in Stroud, this particular marriage break-up made us the guardians of a most delightful dog called Lily.

Here is Lily's story.

Lily originally came into our care in August 2005. She is a golden Labrador crossed with a Cocker Spaniel – a very neat little dog. She was just a year old then and you could tell that she was very bright and the right age to learn just about anything! She had more energy than a collection of Mexican Jumping Beans and a wonderful need to please her human. She was only with us for just over two weeks when she was adopted by a family with five children!


We waved her good-bye and felt confident that this large family would be one that would keep her busy and positively challenged. By June, Lily was back in our care. The adults in her family had sadly had to change their working hours and, with the kids out at school, Lily was on her own for too many hours in the day.

It was only a matter of days, however, before Chapter 2 in Lily’s life began.

Our Branch had been planning their big event of the year since January 2006 – a Dog Show and Fun Day which was to be held in August. Among the many groups asked to attend the show was the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. In confirming that they would be attending the show, we got side-tracked and started asking about the ‘hearing dogs’ – what age should the dog be? what size is best? what breed is best suited?

[premiumcontent]So, we wish Lily the best of luck and will always have a proud, beaming smile when we think of her – just like any parents would!

Does Lily's story make you want to give a dog a second chance and new home? Visit the UK's largest dog adoption site - - to find the dog of your dreams.

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