Raw Revolution – How Important Are Pet Food Labels?

Our dog's diets are always in our thoughts but lately what the nation's pets have been eating has been on the agenda of many national newspapers and widely spoken about on TV thanks to the Channel 5 TV show ‘The Truth About Your Dog’s Food’. The TV  show covered a range of dog diets including raw, something we've been helping dog owners to get a better understanding of in our Raw Revolution series.

So what diet is best for your dog, or are you more confused than ever on what to look for?

Some of the most important decisions in relation to our own diets come from reading the labels, and our pets diets should be no different. Pet food labels should clearly show what ingredients are in the food giving you confidence in the quality of the food.

Feeding prepared foods needn't be unsafe, dangerous or harmful to your dog so take care to notice the label's ingredients – for example, does it include real meat?

how important are pet food labels

Even canned meats and steamed meat pouches can be free from sugars, artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives, meat meals or manufactured meat derivatives.

Raw feeding today is easy, economical, clean and safe with products such as ready-made complete raw meals. These complete and balanced meals provide all the benefits of a genuinely natural and species appropriate diet with the convenience expected of a professional food for pets.

Registered Defra approved raw pet food companies follow strict EU guidelines where approval to produce raw pet foods are controlled by Defra and the AHVLA (animal health veterinary laboratory agency). These agencies only allow a company to legally provide prepared raw diets when all of the specific production rules are met for Salmonella and other bacteria. In other words, raw pet foods today are produced to high quality standards in the same way as any meat product. Clean production, new packaging, cool storage and quality controls are all demands on the EU regulation for the production of great raw meals for pets.

Feeding raw needn't be difficult.

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