This Adorable Dog Was Once Abandoned & Homeless, Now He Visits Pet Friendly Restaurants Every Day

We just love a good dog story. Combine it with an adoption message and we're all over it!

This dog lives in the US. He was once abandoned, starving and homeless. Now he has a family of his own and they make sure he eats out with them at pet friendly restaurants every day.

But don't take our word for it, here's the proof.

Monday's checklist: good company, check. Coffee, check. Animal face on burger bun, check.

Photo Credit: Imgur

Tuesday's checklist: good company, check. Ice cream with dog bones, check. Crinkle cut chips, check.

Wednesday's checklist: good company, check. Suitable pun for photo, check - sweet dreams are made of (mac and) cheese.

Thursday's checklist: good company, check. Food the same size as body, check.

Friday's checklist: good company, check. Action plan for the weekend, in progress.

Saturday's checklist: good company, check. Sharp look for date, check AND check.

Sunday's checklist: good company, check. Suitable pun for photo, check - time to dough-nothing and relax.

Adopting a dog doesn't only change their life, becoming a dog owner can change yours too.

If we've inspired you, there are thousands of dogs sitting in rescue kennels and foster homes across the UK waiting for you to find them >>



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