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Desperately Seeking a Home: This 10-Year Old Dog Has Spent EIGHT YEARS In Rescue

Milly’s journey so far has been a rocky one. After being given up by her owners for being big and bouncy, she thought she’d found a new home, but her owners abandoned her at a caravan park.

Now aged 10, she has spent eight years in rescue waiting for her perfect home to come around.

Rescue kennel manager, Lauren Munro tells us that having first met Milly when she was volunteering in 2010, she feels she has grown up with her and it breaks her heart every time she sees Milly in kennels because she is
such a beautiful dog.

She says, “We found Milly a wonderful home the first time around and unfortunately due to difficult family circumstances she got returned so we then homed her a second time which resulted in her being abandoned at a caravan park!

"Last year Milly found a new home and we thought that was it, she would stay forever and sadly that was not the case, again due to difficult family circumstances she was returned.

"She is very bouncy and can be very in your face and for somebody without large dog experience this would come across as quite scary but that is not Milly, she does not have a bad bone in her body!"

Lauren is calling on dog lovers everywhere to share her story and help her find a place to call home so she
doesn’t have to end her days in rescue. Not that those days are close, Milly is still bright, bubbly and bouncy but eight years - 80% of her life - without a home to call her own is just not right, is it?

The dog adoption site, has stepped in with K9 Magazine to help Milly and Lauren, but we need your help to spread the word and raise awareness to Milly's story.

Read the rest of her story and contact Lauren and the team to find out more about this gorgeous girl on

The right home is out there for her, we just know it is. We just need to find it, so please share far and wide and let's help her find the life, family and home to call her own she so deserves.



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