Issue 54

A world without dogs

How Would The World Look Without Dogs?

We have lived with dogs for over 14,000 years, writes Simon Foden. As pets, protectors, farm hands, hunters and transport, but without dogs, the inspiration to change the world, the courage to fight and win battles and the people who…
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Interview With Emma Crosby

Emma Crosby is currently on our screens presenting 5 News every weekday. Her passion for journalism has taken her from CNBC to Sky News and onto GMTV before taking over 5 News' 6.30pm show. K9 Magazine caught up with one of the…
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Pet Friendly Loch Lomond

Welcome to the next installment of our UK pet friendly travel series. Over the next few issues we will be taking readers and celebrity dog lovers alike on a tour of different pet friendly holidays across the UK. This issue…
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