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K9 Magazine Digital Editions

K9 Magazine Issue 54

K9 Magazine Issue 54

Inside this edition of K9 Magazine....

  • Dog Body Language: Why Do Dogs Shake?
  • Interview With Emma Crosby
  • Talking Point: What Would The World Look Like Without Dogs?
  • K9 Health: The Eyes Have It: What You Need to Know About Your Dog's Eyes
  • eBook: Clicker Training for Dogs
  • K9 Kitchen: How Much Should I Feed My Older Dog?
  • Pet Friendly Britain: K9 Magazine Visits Loch Lomond
  • K9 Health: What You Should Know About Hip Dysplasia in Dogs
  • K9 Magazine Reveals...Best Designer Dog Harnesses
  • 20 Health & Fitness Tips For You & Your Dog
  • Why Do Dogs Chew Their Feet?
    ....& Lots, Lots More Inside!

K9 Magazine Issue 54

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