Issue 87

K9 Magazine Issue 87

Talking Point: These 6 Iconic Songs Were Inspired by Dogs Puppy Series: Training - The Early Years to 'Terrible Teens' & Beyond Lifestyle: Real Housewives of Cheshire's Ampika & Magali Introduce Their Dogs Discovering Pet Friendly Britain: West Yorkshire's Hidden Dog…
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How Do These Dogs Discover Dead Bodies?

Dogs have long been associated with sniffing out a variety of substances, including drugs and explosives. They are also often seen assisting in search and rescue, helping to find lost people. However, a lesser known skill dogs have is the…
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Book Club: When a Dog Becomes a Stepdog

I was happily minding my own business penning historical novels, when everything went topsy-turvy, and suddenly there I was writing Stepdog – a contemporary romantic-comedy reflecting my own up-ended life, says Nicole Galland. While penning the historical novels, I’d been…
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