Issue 61

K9 Magazine Issue 61

Inside this edition of K9 Magazine.... Talking Point: 10 Things My Dog Taught Me About Being A Mum Lifestyle: Interview with BGT's Ashleigh & Pudsey Dog Q&A: Why Do Dogs...The Most Commonly Asked Canine Conundrums Answered K9 Behaviour: Is My…
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Common Canine Skin Complaints

There are many differing opinions as to the causes and treatments of what is now viewed as an Epidemic of Canine Skin Disorders, the itching, scratching and chewing commonly referred to as “Summer Itch Hot Spots”. These dog skin rashes…
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Is My Dog A Hypochondriac?

Ok so it’s probably not that uncommon. We might have played up to an illness ourselves or Googled symptoms and genuinely thought our brain was about to melt, when in reality we've just got a headache, whilst others wilfully act…
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