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She Spent Years In Rescue, Now Millie’s Bringing Joy to Her New Family Every Day

In January of this year, Millie’s life changed, showing that all a dog needs is love, understanding and a comfy sofa to live a full and happy life.

Before Sara Graham and her family discovered Millie, she had spent eight years in an animal rescue’s care in Liverpool. A big, bouncy American Bulldog cross, she had been rehomed twice since coming into rescue as a young dog, each time being returned through no fault of her own. The last time resulted in her being abandoned at a caravan park.

Her rescue, Carla Lane Animals in Need, continued to share her story in the media, on and across social media, determined to find her the home she deserved.

Sara believes it was Fate that led her and her daughter to read her story. Now she's hoping to encourage more people to give dogs like Millie a second, third, or fourth chance.

“Last Summer we had to say goodbye to our dog of 13 years, and it was a terribly sad time for all of us. We decided that we would not get another dog until the right dog came along. We left it to Fate.

“In January a friend of mine shared a post on Facebook from Carla Lane Animals in Need. It was a plea for a home for Millie, I read it out to my daughter and the pair of us were crying by the time we had finished reading her story. We had a family chat and decided to see if we would be allowed to offer her a home.

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“We had never adopted a dog before, so we approached the centre and were invited to visit Millie. They were very honest and open about her situation, about her past. But having fostered children in the past, we knew that with love and patience, positive things can happen!”

Millie had spent many years in rescue before finding the right home. Sara tells us this made her and her family even more determined to make it work and shared how life has changed for Millie now.

“We didn’t know what life with Millie would bring, but we could see that she was much loved at the centre and we were determined to make it work for her, to offer her a forever home in her retirement.

“Millie has been a dream. She is a lovely dog. She is intelligent, loving, stubborn as an ox and brings joy to every day. She is enjoying long walks on the beach, monopolising the sofa and being spoiled by everyone who meets her.

“It is wonderful to see her enjoying life, to be able to provide her with the attention and happiness she deserves.”

Sara hopes Millie’s success story will help encourage more people to consider adopting an older dog because every dog deserves to be happy.

“I can understand that it may be daunting, to take on a dog with a past, a dog that has faced rejection or a lack of stability. But the rewards are worth it. Take that first step, foster for a weekend, take a chance and never look back. We are so grateful to have the chance to have Millie as part of our lives. She is one special dog.”



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