How to Make My Dog Instagram Famous

Instagram is becoming increasingly popular in our every day lives. Not just for sharing where we go and what we eat, but by searching for popular hashtags, we can build connections with like-minded people.

I’m particularly camera shy. It’s rare a photo is captured with me in it, even rarer still that it’s one where I have my eyes open, timing is just not my friend (something my old Labrador Chloe and I had in common). So my social media mainly consists of my dogs and cooking fails, or searches for reviews. Even so, I am excited by the idea of creating an instagram photobook of these photos especially of those with my dogs.

I wanted to find out how I could make my dogs Instagram famous and spread their wonder beyond my friends, so I asked Ali Drew, who made her dog Bryan into one of the UK's most famous canine social influencers for advice.

How to Make My Dog Instagram Famous
Bryan / Photography by Vivienne Edge Photography for K9 Magazine

1.Bring your dog's personality to life

"Try to get your dog’s personality across in your posts so followers feel like they are getting to know your dog.

"For example, Bryan loves his sleep and is very lazy so I post his funny sleeping positions and videos of him falling asleep in the strangest places!"

How to Make My Dog Instagram Famous
Ali & Bryan / Photography by Vivienne Edge Photography for K9 Magazine

2. Post regularly

"I try to post most days on Bryan’s Instagram. Posting regularly will keep people interested in your page and feel like they are involved in your dog’s everyday life.

"Also, the more you post, the more chance you have of people seeing your posts."

3. Think about photo settings

"I like to change up Bryan’s photo settings as often as I can. It stops his page looking boring and stops every photo looking the same.

"I’ll mix indoor photos of him at home with outdoor shots, some are of him on walks and others are when he’s out and about with me."

How to Make My Dog Instagram Famous
Photography by Vivienne Edge Photography for K9 Magazine

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How to Make My Dog Instagram Famous

4. Share special moments

"The more special moments you post, the more your followers feel they are involved in the real life of your dog.

"Try to post important things in your dog’s life, such as a birthday, or achievements like learning a new trick or getting a new toy. Sharing a fun play date with friends is always hits too."

5. Caption well

"Captions are almost as important as the photo.

"Put a caption that is relevant to the photo and always try to keep it lighthearted. I always post as if Bryan himself is writing it himself."

6. Make use of tagging

"Tagging the photos is important.

"It will help the photo be seen by more people. But always make sure the tags are relevant to the photo, so keep them dog related because you want dog lovers to discover your photo."

How to Make My Dog Instagram FamousPhotography by Vivienne Edge Photography for K9 Magazine

7. Most of all, have fun!

"Remember to have fun with it. When you are taking the photos and videos, you’re getting to spend with your dog  so enjoy that time together and let your dog enjoy being themselves, showing off for you and getting lots and lots of treats in return!

"Also, people follow dog accounts because dogs makes them happy and they enjoy seeing cute dogs so it should be an enjoyable experience for everyone!"

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