Ibiza Weekender’s Hayley Fanshaw: ‘Dogs Don’t Take Things for Granted, We Should Learn From Them’

Hayley Fanshaw has been making a name for herself as a rep on the latest season of the ITV2 reality TV show, 'Ibiza Weekender'. A big dog lover, Hayley recently spoke to K9 Magazine as part of her efforts to help shine a light on a #dogsoverdiamonds social media driven campaign running stateside by Cause4PawsLA to raise funds to help homeless dog owners and their pets.

Hi Hayley! Thanks for making the time to speak with us before you head back to Magaluf. Tell us about your dog.

Hi! My dog is a little Jack Russell called Maggie. She's 9 years old, but turns 10 next month. She's a friendly dog and is very sociable. She's a very active dog and enjoys at least two walks a day, on the beach, in the fields or just running around the park.

Ibiza Weekender's Hayley Fanshaw: 'Dogs Don't Take Things for Granted, We Should Learn From Them'
Photo Credit: Twitter.com/HayleyWeekender

You recently got involved in a charity's campaign to show just how much our dogs mean to us while helping to raise funds to help support homeless dogs and their pets.

I did. I am supporting this charity because I am a big believer in giving something back to the community.

In my eyes, everyone is an equal and for the homeless, supporting their pets is not the easiest of tasks. Things that we take for granted every day are a treat to some of these people, so by raising awareness and funds for the charity, it allows these homeless pets and owners to have the support and help they need.

I love my dog to pieces and she lives a very healthy and holy lifestyle, to be honest, so to see other animals not as happy as she is it really makes me want to help.

Ibiza Weekender's Hayley Fanshaw: 'Dogs Don't Take Things for Granted, We Should Learn From Them'
Photo Credit: Twitter.com/IbizaWeekender

What do you think is the most important thing humans can learn from dogs?

I think the most important thing we can learn from dogs is not to take things for granted and not to be selfish. Dogs are very selfless animals and appreciate little things and I think we could all take a leaf out of their book sometimes.

We couldn't agree more. Before we let you go we have one final question.

Finish the following sentence, my dog is:

My dog is a very happy pet and is also my best friend.

Thanks Hayley.

Find out more about the campaign she's supporting, run by Cause4PawsLA on Instagram or support the fundraising campaign here

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