For the Love of Dogs: Celebs Say ‘Humans Should Learn to Love Like Dogs for Inner Peace’

Dogs make such a difference to our lives. Whether you're a politician or a party girl, a musician or a midwife, you're the most important person in their world. It makes no difference to them what you do, what you earn or where you live, you know that your dog sees you.

As part of our series of celebrity mini-interviews to support Cause4PawsLA's latest social media campaign to help raise funds and support their efforts to help homeless people and their pets, K9 Magazine has spoken with four dog loving celebrities - models Amy Lee Summers and Rebecca Perry, former 'Life on Marbs' reality star Natalie Richardson and TV personality Stacey Hayes, who are all supporting the charity's #dogsoverdiamonds campaign.

The ladies told Kim O'Meara all about the special dogs in their lives and what they think we can - and should - learn from dogs to be better people.

Hi ladies, thanks for your time today. Tell us a bit about the special dogs in your lives.

Amy: I have two little beautiful Chihuahuas!

Bella is a long hair chihuahua with white and black markings. She is my little princess and almost seven years old! She has such a great personality, she's super cuddly and friendly but also she acts a little bossy and sassy, which is funny.

Then, I have my little boy Rocky who is only 2kg. He is Maltese cross Chihuahua with beautiful long fluffy caramel hair. He is also very cuddly, loves to be held and is such a gentle boy. At six years old he is energetic and loves going outdoors running around the park chasing the birds.

Rebecca: My dog is called Gismo, he's a loving energetic Yorkshire Terrier. I've had Gismo since he was a puppy, my uncle bought me Gismo for my 18th birthday.

Stacey: I have never met a dog I didn't fall in love with! I adore all my rescues equally they bring so much joy and light to my life, they are my fur babies and the most important members of my family. Technically, I rescued them but in reality they rescued me.

For the Love of Dogs: Celebs Say 'Humans Should Learn to Love Like Dogs for Inner Peace'
Stacey, pictured above with Diego

As models and TV personalities, luxury must surround you but you're supporting a campaign with the message #dogsoverdiamonds. What made you get involved?

Natalie: I'm supporting the campaign because I adore dogs and after living in Marbella and seeing first hand the pet shops and puppy mills and how many innocent dogs die from this abuse I think it's time to make a stand.

Amy: I have always been an animal lover so that's why I got involved. I think every animal deserves to be loved no matter their situation. I want people to see how many animals are out there that need love.

Rebecca: I am supporting this campaign because I believe in it. I feel pets are as equally special as us humans. Animals are so loyal.

For the Love of Dogs: Celebs Say 'Humans Should Learn to Love Like Dogs for Inner Peace'
Rebecca, pictured above with Gismo

Stacey: It's so important we be a voice for these beautiful creatures as they are unable to technically speak for themselves. Rescue dogs make the most wonderful companions and valuing them more than material things brings true happiness.

What do you think is the most important thing humans can learn from dogs?

Stacey: I'm probably not the first to say this because it's kind of the obvious answer but I believe it's true - it's the unconditional love that comes purely from a heart filled with continual forgiveness and loyalty. They love truly unconditionally.

Amy: For me, it's the feeling that you get when your dogs love you. To pass that onto other people or other animals to make them feel loved.

For the Love of Dogs: Celebs Say 'Humans Should Learn to Love Like Dogs for Inner Peace'
Amy, pictured above with Rocky

Rebecca: I know I'm repeating myself, but I truly believe it's their loyalty and inner peace. I feel animals are always happy to see us when we walk into the room. They keep us company and a big part of our lives.

Natalie: I think humans can learn a lot from dogs the main thing is loyalty, a dog will love you whole heartedly and unconditionally, which is more than can be said for most humans.

For the Love of Dogs: Celebs Say 'Humans Should Learn to Love Like Dogs for Inner Peace'
Natalie, pictured above with one of her dogs

And one final question before we let you go. Please finish the following sentence. My dogs are:

Rebecca: My dog is the best.

Amy: My dogs are my little angels! They have loved me and helped me through everything. I couldn't be without them.

Stacey: My rescues are the centre of my universe and the owners of my heart!

For the Love of Dogs: Celebs Say 'Humans Should Learn to Love Like Dogs for Inner Peace'
Photo Credit: Instagram/hoststaceyhayes

Natalie: My dogs are crazy! Funny little bundles of fur.......they each have such strong personalities with the smallest being the "boss" dog (laughs). My house is a madhouse with four dogs, two rabbits, two tortoises and five stray cats! I love all of them though and wouldn't change it for the world.

Thank you ladies. Find out more about the campaign she's supporting, run by Cause4PawsLA on Instagram or support the fundraising campaign here

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