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Here’s the Moment Olympian Gus Kenworthy Was Reunited With His Dog Saved From South Korea

Earlier this month US freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy helped to close a dog meat farm in Gyeonggi-do province in South Korea.

Visiting the farm alongside Humane Society International (HSI) and his partner, Matthew Wilkas, he fell in love with one of the 80 dogs saved.

Now safely in Canada at the HSI/Canada emergency shelter, the athlete has been reunited with the grey and white puppy who stole his heart.

Here's the moment the pair were reunited.

During their visit to meet their new puppy, now named Beemo, Kenworthy and Wilkas toured HSI/Canada’s emergency shelter to see some of the dogs they first met at the ramshackle, snow-covered meat farm, now safe and warm in the organisation's care.

Photo Credit: Jean Chung/For HSI

Kenworthy said, "When Matt and I were on the dog meat farm, we fell in love with Beemo instantly. As soon as I scooped her up in my arms I knew she was coming to live with us and we cannot wait to give her a wonderful life.

"It’s so great to see her far away from that horrible cage. But there are millions of dogs still suffering back in South Korea, and if I can help raise awareness about how HSI’s dog farm closure team is working hard to end the entire trade, then I’m happy to do so for Beemo and all these wonderful dogs."

Photo Credit: Dario Ayala/AP Images for HSI

Nara Kim, HSI’s South Korea dog meat campaign manager said amidst the heartbreak of the dogs’ suffering, it’s important to know that times are changing in South Korea.

“It’s far too easy to assume that everyone eats dogs here in South Korea, but the truth is that’s very far from the case. Most people here don’t regularly eat dog, and in fact most young Koreans have never eaten it at all.

"It’s a dying industry in more ways than one, and that’s part of the reason why these dog farmers ask HSI for help. We’re very proud to be standing shoulder to shoulder with Korean animal groups in challenging animal cruelty, and we hope that the South Korean government will see how our dog farm closures are offering a practical solution that provides a bright future both for farmers and dogs.”

Photo Credit: Dario Ayala/AP Images for HSI

If you live in Canada and would like to find out more about adopting one of the dogs saved from South Korea, please visit and if you're in the UK, these dogs saved from South Korea also need your help.




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