Have You Heard of Miro & Makauri?

We only heard about Miro & Makauri recently but as soon as we discovered some of their most-loved brands, including their vegetarian dog treats, we seem to have found them on some of our favourite pet websites.

Here's why we think you need to know about them.

Have You Heard of Miro & Makauri?

Who are Miro & Makauri?

Miro & Makauri's ethos is centred around innovation and functionality. This is apparent when you look at their Milford Leather Collars, which is a contemporary leather collar design coupled with the optimum in breathable comfort for dogs.

The modern, bright leather collars are guaranteed to make your dog stand out.

Have You Heard of Miro & Makauri?

The soft leather is supported with neoprene for extra comfort on a dog’s skin and coat, completely covering the inside of the collar to prevent chafing or damage to the skin. The collar is finished off with gun metal grey detail to the eyelets, buckle and D-ring.

As well as collars, harnesses and innovative toys, Miro & Makauri also manufacture the Maks’Patch range of vegetarian dog snacks as a delicious and healthy alternative to rawhide.

Made from sweet potatoes and peas, they are baked with natural health-boosting ingredients.

Have You Heard of Miro & Makauri?

The all-important question - how are they priced?

The Miro & Makauri Badge has been developed as a stamp of approval, symbolising high-quality dog products, at value for money prices.

Visit www.makauri.co.uk to view their entire range and visit your local pet shop to enquire and get pricing for your favourite products.

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