Introducing Red Nelly: A Website with an Ethical Ethos

Over the last year or so we've noticed more pet owners specifically seeking out natural products for their dog. From natural shampoos to eco-friendly toys, we all seem to be taking more of an interest in the impact of our buying decisions on the world around us.

It's for this reason that we think you need to know about Red Nelly.

Introducing Red Nelly: A Website with an Ethical Ethos

Who is Red Nelly?

We were first drawn to Red Nelly because of their natural shampoo range. All of their grooming products, including their shampoos, are natural and handmade in the UK.

Their grooming products are all chemical-free and eco-friendly. The shampoos are also SLS and paraben-free. In fact, Red Nelly's handmade dog shampoo with oatmeal and aloe vera is pH balanced and contains only natural ingredients which can help soothe itchy and irritated skin.

Introducing Red Nelly: A Website with an Ethical Ethos

We love the fact that on their website you can also buy products individually or make your dog a gift box with some of your favourite products. How cool is that?!

Ellender Wildey the owner of Red Nelly tells us, "We source our stock from carefully selected suppliers who share our ethical ethos, such as recyclable packaging, carbon footprint free rated, and our gift boxes are made from recycled boxboard, tied with compostable ribbon. We want to provide beautiful products for dogs with minimum waste."

Introducing Red Nelly: A Website with an Ethical Ethos

The all-important question - how are they priced?

Red Nelly's products are all competitively priced. For example, their natural dog shampoo is priced at  £6.49. 

This is a website worth visiting. The ethical foundations they have created their site and products on is wonderful and very appealing to those interested in eco-friendly products with quality, natural ingredients.

Visit to explore their grooming products, toys, treats and much more.

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  1. Well happy about this. They are amazing – Ellender who runs the business is the nicest person ever, and she has a beautiful dog called Nelly! Hence the name ;) great article X

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