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Have You Heard of EarSolv?

Have You Heard of EarSolv?

If you're anything like us, you like to know what your go-to products are for a host of problems your dog might encounter.

Some dog breeds suffer from ear-related issues, such as wax build-up, more than others. K9 Magazine's own dog, Danny, is one of these dogs and it was in research for him that we first came across EarSolv, an ear cleaner for dogs with waxy, itchy ears.

Have You Heard of EarSolv?

Who are EarSolv?

EarSolv is a UK business based in Scotland.

Their 100% guaranteed natural ear cleaning powder has phenomenal reviews on Amazon, with many pet owners talking about how quickly the cleaner started to work after its first dose to combat wax, yeast and mites. You don't need to use a lot for big results.

Have You Heard of EarSolv?

The company also say, "If your pet is constantly licking his paws you can apply a small amount to the nail beds and it will clean away the culprits that are causing the itch. It is an excellent product for keeping with your grooming tools and can be used safely anytime you think the wax is building up again."

The all-important question – how much does it cost?

EarSolv costs £21.95 (including UK delivery) and is posted free, first class.

Read the reviews and find out more on

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