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Introducing Pet Munchies: Natural Dog Treats With a Difference

In our line of work, over the last 18 years or so, we’ve discovered that it’s always best to have some treat based bribery close to hand. Whether for photoshoots or filming, or just to keep our office dogs happy, it’s an essential part of life.

If your office is about to become pet friendly (and it really should), then trust us – treats are the way forward. Many a bin (or fridge) raiding incident can be avoided and you’ll get a cuddle in return. It’s a win-win for all involved.

Over the last few years we have shared new product launches from one of our favourite natural dog treat manufacturers, Pet Munchies, and as winners of our 'Best New Dog Treat' product award last year (and in 2016 and 2017), we're constantly impressed by their innovation. Here’s what we think you should know about them.

Who are Pet Munchies?

Based in the UK, Pet Munchies are made with 100% natural, premium human grade real meat or fish.

Hand baked to keep the natural goodness sealed in, many are low in fat and gluten and grain free.

Pete Wicks and his dogs Eric and Peggy with Pet Munchies during their K9 Magazine shoot

Over the years we have seen their range grow from core flavours, including Chicken, Venison, Beef Liver and Duck, to chunky Salmon Bites, Fillets and Skin Chews, and more.

Chloe Goodman and her dog Harley with Pet Munchies Chicken Dumbbells during their K9 Magazine shoot

Their dog training treat range is loved by professionals and their gourmet dental sticks in Chicken and Sweet Potato, Duck and Sweet Potato and Wild Salmon and Sweet Potato always seem to get a dog's taste buds going, as does their softer Stix range, which is perfect for dogs who need a softer chew.

Most recently, they released a range of Wild Salmon Strips and the incredibly innovative Buffalo Dental Chews.

These long-lasting chews were in production for some time to get the taste and smell just right. Infused with salmon oil which is good for skin and coat maintenance as well as joint mobility due to the rich levels of Omega 3, our dogs love them.

They tell us across their multi-award winning range, their treats are made with pure meat and no artificial colours or flavours go into the baking process.

“We retain this concept throughout our process, trimming to size, traying and slowly roasting the meats in their own juices for a long period of time. This retains all its natural nutritional value. The dehydrating in our state-of-the-art driers ensures a shelf life of 18 months.”

The reason for this is simple.

“Dogs are animals with a particularly well-developed sense of smell. They find natural snacks delicious delicacies stimulating their smell, cleaning their teeth, providing protection for their gums and strengthening their jaw muscles.”

The all-important question – how much do they cost?

This depends on which type of treats take your fancy, but they retail competitively from around £1-3.

Read more at and buy online here.



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