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These Wax Melts Only Include Things Dog Owners Will Love

It's difficult as dog owners to say out loud 'we love our pets, but perhaps not their smells', but let's be honest, it's true. That wet dog smell? We can do without it, can't we?

Then we came across a company called Pawfect Scents who create wax melts for pet owners and could be a game-changer.

Who are Pawfect Scents?

First, let's talk about what wax melts are.

Wax melts are scented pieces of wax without a wick (in the case of Pawfect Scents paw-shaped pieces of wax) that melt in a warmer, gradually releasing their scent around your home.

Designed to eliminate odours, Pawfect Scents' handmade wax melts have been created with pet owners in mind and include only 100% eco soy wax and 100% pure natural essential oils.

They include no dyes, toxins or chemicals, and are allergen-free which makes them better for pet homes - and this is why we think they are special.

Just like humans, dogs can be allergic to certain chemicals and by keeping all potentially harmful chemicals out of their wax melts, Pawfect Scents are making them better for dogs (and humans) to breathe in from the atmosphere around them.

Pawfect Scents wax melts are also vegan-friendly and come in 12 gorgeous scents, our favourites are the lemongrass and sweet orange. The lavender is also very relaxing.

Even when they aren't burning, they smell great and everyone has commented on them.

Helen, the founder of Pawfect Scents, tells us boxes of wax melts can be bought individually or on a subscription basis which will be delivered monthly, adding "each month customers will receive a different essential oil scent, each scent has there own properties to help furry friends' health and well being."

The all-important question – how much do they cost?

Pawfect Scents' monthly subscription is priced from £15.

K9 Magazine's readers can get 20% off using discount code: PAW19 online here.



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