Electrolux Powerglide Pet Plus Review

The New Electrolux Powerglide Pet Plus with unique ‘Fur Fighter Pet Brush’

As pet owners we all know that hair is one of the most difficult things to pick up when cleaning. Electrolux’s consumer insight shows that four out of ten homes have one or more pets – cats and dogs and with that in mind created the new Powerglide Pet Plus with it's unique 'fur fighter pet brush'.

This vacuum cleaner that can really perform and lift away the hairs and smells that pets inevitably leave embedded in carpets, rugs and upholstery is essential.

The Powerglide Pet Plus is at the top of its class. It has been independently tested by Intertek who found that is was the “Best performer in independent tests’ ( carried out to IEC 60312 Ed 4.0 Sec 2.3 against 8 competitive vacuum cleaners)

This new model offers four key features that make it an outstanding choice for homeowners with (or without!) cats or dogs:

1. Unique “Fur Fighter” is a multi-surface plush pet brush with rubber nodules for quick hair pick-up. This is ideal for hair on upholstery, curtains and carpets (or human hair on a pullover). This sits in a self-cleaning docking station which connects to existing air path and sucks hair and lint straight into the cleaner.

2. It offers exceptional pickup on carpets thanks to the combination of efficient airflow and the performance of the brushroll.

3. It has a unique new turbo nozzle with rubber nodules which removes pet hair from stairs and upholstery with little effort.

4. It is fitted with Arm & Hammer filter which is unique to Electrolux in the UK. The unique formula in this filter includes baking soda which is ‘kid and pet’ friendly and allows you to get rid of odours safely and naturally while cleaning. Ideal for homes with pets).

The Electrolux Powerglide Pet Plus (£159.99) – truly is designed with pets and their owners in mind!

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