‘For The Love Of Dogs’ range by Quintessentially Eccentric @ LindseyGardiner.com

International children’s book author/illustrator launches textile label: “Quietly Eccentric.” Lindsey Gardiner’s textile label “Quietly Eccentric” is sending her screen printed pups to new homes worldwide! From a small studio in Dundee, to Selfridges in London and Anthropologies’ flagship store in the Rockefeller centre in New York, these quietly quirky K9's are marking their territory.

Lindsey’s product range is inspired by the Love of Dogs and the love of drawing. Better known by toddlers for her lively children’s books (including the bestselling “Doing the Animal Bop”) the author/illustrator was doing her Masters in Textile Design when she fell into the publishing world. “Quietly Eccentric” sees Lindsey returning to her love of textiles and features her quirky but sophisticated dog drawings combined with graphic florals on cotton bags, dog shaped woollen cushions, mugs and her newest product, printed wall panels.

Lindsey's love and passion shines through in the quality running throughout the range. A range truly unique and one we're sure dog owners will continue to love!
Visit online @ www.lindseygardiner.com to see more! 

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