Best Products To Help Your Dog Lose Weight

Have you noticed your dog has maybe piled on a few pounds in 2020? If so, you're not alone. Given how disruptive the year has been, many owners have reported their dog has gained weight. Also, find more natural health related products for your pets on this site.

Perhaps it's as a result of more of us being at home for longer. Which, yes, means we've been able to take our dogs out more, but also means some of us may have been coerced in to dishing out a few more treats than our dogs are normally used to.

Never fear. For dogs, putting on a bit of weight means they can enjoy the process of losing it just as easily. And we've got a set of great product recommendations to help your dog lose weight thanks to SF Weekly.

Let's begin...

Raw raw dog food to help your dog lose weight

Many people ask us whether a raw diet can help a dog lose weight. So we put together an entire article on that topic.

Changing your dog to raw food is a process that requires some thought, but generally speaking lots of owners who feed a raw diet remark how good it's been for helping their dog maintain a healthy weight (amongst other benefits).

Light Support From Nutriment

Nutriment’s Light Support raw dog food is specifically designed to support dogs who are overweight and maintain overall canine health, paying specific attention to your dog’s weight.

Formulated by their in-house canine nutritionists, who carefully select high-quality ingredients, Nutriment's light support recipe contains biologically appropriate, quality protein and supplementary vegetables and superfoods in a low-fat, highly nutritious package.

Free from grains, additives and artificial ingredients, Nutriment's raw dog food forms part of a species-appropriate diet which is easy to digest, great-tasting and well textured, to provide an enjoyable eating experience for dogs, whilst promoting their health and wellbeing through weight management.

Priced from £2.95


Best Products To Help Your Dog Lose Weight


Dog training treats to help your dog lose weight

Nothing is more enjoyable for a dog than being stimulated mentally and physically. So it makes sense that the treats we give our dogs when training ought to be healthy. It is also important that you use a dog treat dispenser as they can help with the mental and physical stimulation of your pets.

Pet Munchies Healthy Dog Training Treats

Boasting an impressive range of flavours, 100% natural, Pet Munchies have long been a favourite of ours.

Price From £17.80

Best Products To Help Your Dog Lose Weight


Dog fitness tracker

There's an old saying that's popular amongst sports people, business executives and now, dog owners - what can be measured, can be managed. This is why having a pet fitness activity monitor is becoming more popular with dog owners who want to keep tabs on how much exercise their dog is doing.

This can be useful purely for your own knowledge, but you can really dive deeper and ensure you are keeping dog in absolute tip top shape by pretending you're a personal trainer to the canine equivalent of Usain Bolt.

On your marks, get set....fetch!

PitPat Dog Activity and Fitness Monitor

From the manufacturer:

* Fully-waterproof. Your dog can wear their PitPat while they’re swimming and diving (even in the sea) and it’ll just shake it off.

* Dog-tough. Your dog can be a dog, whatever they do, and their PitPat won’t mind a bit.

* Small and lightweight. PitPat suits all breeds, even the smallest. And for puppies, if your dog is big enough to wear a collar, they’re big enough to wear a PitPat.

* Comfortable to wear. PitPat’s wide and soft Velcro strap won’t pull or catch in fur. Your dog won’t know it’s there.

* Fits any collar or harness. As long as it’s attached to your dog, PitPat will work. And if your dog wears a collar/harness only to go out, that’s fine too.

Price From £39.99

Best Products To Help Your Dog Lose Weight


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