Astonishing! Meet The Dog Who Earns £1,074 per Second

Can you believe we live in an era when dogs are earning thousands in revenue for their social media savvy owners?

Some dogs are earning staggering amounts of cash as they become social-famous on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

New data on the most famous dog accounts on TikTok has revealed that they have the potential to earn thousands of pounds with just one post. The top earners can earn up to £1,074 every second!

Social media celebrity dog, Jiffpom, is believed to be able to earn up to £16,113 per TikTok post from sponsorship - by far the highest doggy earner on the platform globally. With 21.2 million followers, the famous Pomeranian has celebrity status, even appearing in a Katy Perry music video and having two Guinness world records.

The data has been collected by expert dog grooming academy GroomArts to celebrate our doggy obsessions ahead of International Dog Day 2020, on Wednesday 26th August. The research team looked into the most well-groomed, cutest, and lovable dogs of TikTok and revealed how much money they’re estimated to earn per post.

Rank Dog TikTok Account (@) Earnings per post (£) Earning per second (£) Followers Likes
1 jiffpom 16113 1074 21.2m 515.7m
2 miso_ara 5626 375 7.4m 80.4m
3 tuckerbudzyn 4790 319 6.3m 103.9m
4 mochapom 4476 298 5.8m 102.1m
5 dougthepug 4106 274 5.4m 75.1m
6 swagrman 3725 248 4.9m 88.3m
7 scout2015 2888 193 3.8m 55.6m
8 mayapolarbear 2510 167 3.3m 40.6m
9 what_about_bunny 2206 147 3m 45m
10 cocothemaltesedog 1902 127 2.5m 28.2m

The next highest earner on the social platform is miso_ara, the account of the Toy Poodles Miso & Ara, who can command up to £5,626 per post going to their 7.4 million followers. For a minimum length 15 second post, that’s £375 every second!

The third highest earning pooch on TikTok is tuckerbudayn, the Golden Retriever from Michigan, which can earn up to £4,790 per post. This equates to £319 a second. Tucker found fame through reaction videos on YouTube and now has a huge following on all social platforms.

The rankings highlight that to earn the big money, it requires a widespread following combined with a highly engaged audience to generate 'hearts' or 'likes'. Any dog owners looking to capitalise on their cute pets will need a minimum of 2.5million followers to compete with the top earners, and be able to generate at least 28.2million hearts.


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TikTok has rapidly gained popularity in recent years becoming the app of choice for younger users, and is fast attracting a wider audience. The Chinese owned app, valued at $75billion in 2018, has 800 million active users globally and is predicted to rival Instagram's 1.08 billion users based on current growth. With a growing audience social media experts envisage TikTok as being the next hotbed for influencers earning big money.

Laura Campanella, Styling Director at London dog grooming academy, Groomarts, says:

“What really comes across from all the top earning dog profiles of TikTok is how loved and happy they look. At the Groomarts dog grooming academy, we train professionals to give a professional finish so owners can love how their dog looks and be happy they've been well-loved too. A happy dog will stand out on any social media post!

We’ve really noticed a rise in popularity of TikToker dogs on social media in the dog grooming world. This is changing trends, styling requests and even a change in the popularity of some dog breeds. While owners have always wanted their dog to look their best, part of the appeal is now making sure their pet looks it’s best on social media - and they’re usually willing to spend big on grooming to make this happen! One important aspect to mention is that it's important to make sure your dog is happy and looked after whenever you're posting. It should be a fun experience for both of you, so remember your pet's health comes first.

From a dog grooming education perspective this data is great to have. Part of our training programs at GroomArts include business workshops for the next generation of dog groomers, so it’s vital that we’re able to show students where the latest trends come from. If our students are active on social media, it's also a good potential revenue stream alongside their business!”

The video-based social media platform TikTok has attracted a flurry of sponsored content with brands looking to appeal to followers of pooch-famous TikTokers. The data shows that lovable dogs can earn their owners big money.

Have you got a lovable pet dog that you think is a TikTok star in waiting? Aurélie Four, Animal Influencer Manager at the animal talent agency Urban Paws, says:

"As a content creator myself I can tell you that "getting there" is anything but luck. It takes a lot of hard work (and, with a dog, a lot of training and bonding too), often years of daily posting and most importantly engaging with your audience. It's also very important to note something that is key to us; respecting the animal's welfare and their temperament, and always keeping it fun and never pushing your dog. This would not only transpire in your content it would also severely affect your relationship with them. Not all dogs will enjoy this and not many are willing to make the effort so it is definitely not for everyone.

On TikTok making sure you have a "niche" is key. Offering something unique and entertaining, as well as making people want to watch the videos until the end and watch them more than once. Working on training with your dog can not only mean more opportunities to get content but also strengthen your bond. Engaging with your audience is also key like on Instagram, replying to comments, and commenting on other similar accounts to be seen. It only takes one video to go viral, though the audience has to be kept being entertained on a regular basis or the buzz will rapidly die. Patience and persistence are key.”

Timothy Armoo, the 25-year-old CEO and co-founder of Fanbytes, an ad agency that uses social media to help brands connect with new audiences, says:

"TikTok is a rising star for brand collaborations. Especially for brands whose metrics of success is UGC (user-generated content) because TikTok is arguably the best social platform at encouraging users to create original content.

Our influencer network at Fanbytes actually includes dogs and cats. We decided to take on pet influencers because animal content is quite unique and tends to have really high engagement - there are much fewer dogs on Tiktok then humans! So, when you find a dog or cat influencer you like, the TikTok algorithm learns to show you more and more pet influencers and this, in turn, opens you up to a whole online community. Brands can use this to their advantage by collaborating with pet influencers to easily reach a whole community with a shared interest, in this case, animal lovers! Comparatively, it is much simpler than working with human influencers."

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