Do Dog Drying Coats Actually Work? This Celebrity Dog Owner Finds Out!

Harriet Lee is best known to most Brits for her time in the pool which most recently earned her a Silver medal at Rio's Paralympic games and is looking forward to an exciting year ahead with new business ventures on the horizon, including swimming clinics and joint ventures with friends.

We first spoke with Harriet back in the Summer of last year just before she headed off to Rio where she introduced us to two of the big loves of her lives, her dogs Baya (or Bear as he's also known) and Bow.

Baya Bear is the youngest of the two and a Labradoodle. Together her boys are adventurous and fun and as we discovered completely bonded. In Harriet's own words "They're like chalk and cheese but they go really well, and they adore each other. They can't be without each other. They have the cutest, strongest bond where when one leaves the room the other is looking for him."

Do Dog Drying Coats Actually Work? This Celebrity Dog Owner Finds Out!

She also told us her boys loves to visit the beach and love to swim and so when we were offered the chance to review the Dogrobes dog drying coat in the middle of Winter, we knew just who to ask.

Here's Harriet.

Hands up who has that one dog that loves water! I do, whether it's puddles, ponds, lakes or even the ocean, Baya Bear loves water, which inevitably means he often finds himself covered in mud and of course, fox poo - any dog owner's nightmare after a walk with a drive home looming!

After almost every walk he ends up in some sort of soggy mess and we've spent the last couple of years working out how to get him in the car without causing a mass wet, smelling, doggy destruction. Oh, and as much as he loves water he hates the aftermath - he hates being cold while he dries off, the crazy dog, so over the last couple of years we've also tried to find a way to keep him warm and encourage his coat to dry as quickly as possible.

We've tried children's hooded towels and other methods, but nothing's worked. Then, we then got introduced to Dogrobes and quite honestly it's been a complete game changer for us (and the car).

To begin our review we were given a selection of colours to choose from (red, navy and green as standard but they do also have some limited edition colours and a new tartan design has most recently launched).

Do Dog Drying Coats Actually Work? This Celebrity Dog Owner Finds Out!
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Once we'd chosen our colour, we then used their measuring guide online so his Dogrobe could fit as perfectly as possible - this is one of the unique selling points as to why the Dogrobe works so well.

After the coat arrived we didn't have long to wait before we needed to use it.

We put his drying coat on him after a wet walk and we discovered it worked just as we needed it to. It absorbed the water from his Labradoodle coat really well. Dogrobes say the secret as to why this happens is the longer loops on the inside of every Dogrobe, specially designed to optimise drying time to approximately 30 minutes.

Do Dog Drying Coats Actually Work? This Celebrity Dog Owner Finds Out!
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The coat also took away the chill and he was perfectly warm, but I also discovered through their site that in the summer when using in the same way, the water soaked fabric will keep him cool.

I also found the coat perfect when he's encountered fox poo because it masks the smell. And I now believe Baya Bear's encounters of this kind aren't so much an accident, but more of a deliberate act. He can spot it a mile away before looking at us then darting to it and rolling around. He could have been a gymnast. The worst part is that we now know what he's up to but we still can't keep up with him to stop him in time.

Still, the drying coat is luckily machine washable and comes out smelling clean, all ready for the next walk.

For what we needed which was a coat to help him dry quicker and stay warm in winter when his coat is wet, while concealing any dreaded odours, this coat was ideal.

Thanks to Dogrobes for sending us a coat for review. Available in a range of colours and priced from £18.95 - £49.95 (dependent on size), you can find out more about them online at

Do Dog Drying Coats Actually Work? This Celebrity Dog Owner Finds Out!



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