Celebrities Show Support to #dogsoverdiamonds Campaign to Raise Funds for Animal Rescue

Last week we shared the story of LA based animal rescue, Cause4Paws, founded by model and actress Jasmine Dustin with some of the homeless dog owners she has helped to find security for them and their dogs in recent years.

This week, with the help of her celebrity friends the model has launched a campaign challenge and she's asking dog owners to get involved and share their photos with the hashtag #dogsoverdiamonds tagging the charity into your posts on Instagram and Facebook.

The campaign aims to celebrate the bond we have with our dogs with the message that it is stronger than anything - even diamonds, which the famous saying has tagged as woman's best friend.

Celebrities Show Support to #dogsoverdiamonds Campaign to Raise Funds for Animal Rescue

She says, "We have set up a challenge to take a picture with your best friend that's your dog with the phrase caption: "For a world where dogs are worth more than diamonds". You can do it in a video if you want and nominate 3 celebrity friends that have a beloved dog Remember to tag us in on www.instagram.com/cause4pawsla if using Instagram or www.facebook.com/cause4pawsLA if you're on Facebook.

Alongside the campaign, Jasmine will also be running a fundraising campaign and hopes to raise $15,000 in three months. On this, she says, "Money donated and raised through the charity's events goes to rescuing dogs in local shelters, transportation of animals to other states for adoption, food for local shelters and medical costs of special needs animals, but we can't forget about their owners. They need food, clothing, housing and lots of time and medical attention."

Here are a few of the earliest celebrity supporters:

Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Marie

Celebrities Show Support to #dogsoverdiamonds Campaign to Raise Funds for Animal Rescue

Comedian and actress Tichina Arnold

Me & my crew are throwing our support for @cause4pawsla #dogsoverdiamonds #Marley & #Alice.

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Musician Ryan Cabrera

Thanks Ryan And Penny for the #dogsoverdiamonds love #ryancabrera #singer #songwriter

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We will be sharing more snippets, celebrity shares and their stories as the campaign continues. Head over to the Cause4Paws IG page to see more and share your own photos with them and us @K9Mag on Facebook or @k9magazine on Instagram.

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