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Can These Dog Treats Motivate Even the Most Un-Treat Motivated Dog?

Can These Dog Treats Motivate Even the Most Un-Treat Motivated Dog?

Every week news reaches us of new pet products launching on the market and we do our best to balance our thoughts from an editorial perspective versus our thoughts as dog owners, after all, our dogs are our inspiration, and so when we found out about some new healthy dog treats coming out we wanted to extend the offer for review to friend of K9 Magazine and celebrity dog owner, Layla Flaherty for a new perspective.

We first met Layla almost two years ago when she took the cover of K9 Magazine alongside her Yorkshire Terrier, Buttons. Since then she has launched her own dog modelling and animal talent agency with lots more to come from Urban Paws and so the pet world has kept us in touch.

Here's Layla.

My little Yorkshire terrier Buttons is a child in a fur suit and like some children he can be a little fusspot, especially as he can tell the difference between premium and cheaper dog foods. I wouldn’t give my children just any food and the same applies to my dog.

Can These Dog Treats Motivate Even the Most Un-Treat Motivated Dog?

Buttons has always been given quality foods which are low in fat, sugars and salts and with no additives. He can be extremely fussy when it comes to food so I noticed when I began training him that treats have never really motivated him.

Before I was asked to write this review I had read about Pet Munchies gourmet treats in K9 Magazine and had also heard many dog owners raving about them so even knowing how he enjoys treats but isn't 100% motivated by them, I was looking forward to trying them out.

Buttons received a bumper package including their new moist Stix treat range in four different flavours - chicken, duck, venison and lamb as well as their new Duck Drumsticks, which are great for dogs aged 4 months upwards. The Duck Drumsticks also have no rice in them so are ideal for dogs intolerant to it.

Each variety of treat is made with 100% quality, human grade meat or fish, and is low in fat with no artificial preservatives or flavours. I was instantly impressed by the ingredients but knowing how unmotivated by treats he usually is I wondered how he'd react to them.

Well, how wrong was I??

Can These Dog Treats Motivate Even the Most Un-Treat Motivated Dog?

Buttons literally became obsessed with all four varieties of the new Pet Munchies Stix treats (pictured below) and loved the new Duck Drumsticks (as you can also see below).

Within two weeks I had him sitting, staying and giving his paw in exchange for one of the treats. This was something I had tried and failed miserably with time and time again with.

Can These Dog Treats Motivate Even the Most Un-Treat Motivated Dog?

Now, Buttons will watch me go into the kitchen and if I go near the treat drawer he sits without even being asked as he knows the routine now. Anywhere I take Buttons, armed with Pet Munchies treats he will listen to me and he is much more obedient, knowing he will get his treat as a reward at the end.


Pet Munchies treats are the perfect size and texture for any dog, which can be broken into smaller pieces also. They are cleverly packaged so that each treat stays 100% fresh and can travel with you where ever you go.

Can These Dog Treats Motivate Even the Most Un-Treat Motivated Dog?

These tasty treats are ideal for rewarding good behaviour, ideal for training or simply to be given for pleasure, I can’t recommend enough.

If my fusspot enjoys every flavour then I’m sure your dog will also. Find out more about the full range here: or you can buy online here.


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