5 Thoughts Your Dog Will Have Had on Monday Morning

Monday morning. We know it's coming and we know what it means: back to work and the beginning of another week. But look at it through your dog's eyes for one moment. They love every day, don't they? So could dogs hold the key to mastering those early week blues?

We think so.

Here are 5 thoughts your dog will have had to help you get through Monday.

Thought no. 1: 'How long can I hit snooze for?'

Photo Credit: Imgur

Thought no.2: 'Ok, that's enough. Oohhh...breakfast!'

Thought no. 3: 'Time to leave the house. It's game face time.'

Photo Credit: Imgur

Thought no. 4: 'If all else fails, just get on board and enjoy the ride!'

Photo Credit: Imgur

Thought no. 5: 'Because whatever happens, it can't be that bad and I know there's a hug waiting for me at the end of the day.'

Have a good one.



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