5 Products Every Dog’s Home Should Have

As dog owners, we all know how influential they can be in our decisions. Consciously or otherwise, when we decide to redecorate at home, buy a new sofa or exchange our cars, it sounds extreme to non-dog owners, but we know we need to consider our dog's needs as much as our own.

This month we've found a few products we think your dog and you will love. Some of which will save you time and stress and some we think you just need to know about!

Perfect for Sofa Loving Hounds (and their Owners!)

The Lounging Hound Sofa Toppers

Designed to be placed on top of your sofa seat, these gorgeous Sofa Toppers protect your sofa from grubby paws and hairy hounds, whilst adding colour and comfort to your home. Dirt and water resistant, washable, durable, luxurious and handmade in the UK. Protect your sofa in style!

5 Products Every Dog's Home Should Have

Priced from £130.00

Save 15% at www.thelounginghound.co.uk (Use coupon K9OFFER at the checkout by 31.5.17)


Recommended for Gardens

Gtech Cordless Lawnmower

‘A new way to cut grass’, that’s what our editor says!

‘Every challenge I set for the Gtech mower it handled with the elegance one would expect of an electric mower combined with the formidable delivery you’d expect from a more powerful petrol fuelled tool. The 40 litre capacity grass cuttings basket fitted in ergonomically and there was not the usual battle with detaching it that I was getting with my petrol mower. Everything was just so simple.’

5 Products Every Dog's Home Should Have


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Have you heard about...?

5 Products Every Dog's Home Should Have

Perfect Way to Check in While You’re Out

The Petzi Treat Cam

Quite possibly my oldest dog’s favourite thing in the whole world (seriously), her Petzi treat cam has become a regular part of her daily routine. So much so whenever we’re at home and near it or have our phones in our hands, she heads over to it and turns her head back to look at us as if to say ‘okay, I’m in position – go’.

It’s also been a big hit with family members that don’t live locally who now have the app on their phones and regularly call to chat and dispense treats.

Here it is in action.

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Great Way to Keep Your Dog Healthy & Hydrated

Drinkwell® Sedona Pet Fountain

Drinkwell® Sedona Pet Fountain from PetSafe® Brand is designed to encourage pets to drink more by providing a continuous circulation of fresh, filtered water.

Holding up to three litres of water, more than the daily requirement for a large adult dog, it typically only needs to be filled up once a day and boasts special features including carbon and foam filters. It’s also whisper quiet so it won’t stress out anxious pups.

5 Products Every Dog's Home Should Have

Price £85.99


Recommended Cordless Vacuum

Gtech AirRam K9 2

One of the best ways to save time and keep carpets free of pet hairs (even if it’s only short term!), we’ve found Gtech’s cordless vacuum cleaner range the best we’ve tried.

Lightweight and easy to use, the new AirRam K9 2 model takes into account some of the new design features seen across other Gtech products, such as the removable rechargeable battery and it has new rubber guards at the front making it, in my opinion anyhow, easier to grasp hairs from those hard to reach places, while keeping the same core functions and battery life of 40 minutes.

5 Products Every Dog's Home Should Have


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