Which of These 5 Dogs Is Most Like You? We’ll Tell You What It Means!

Here are 5 dogs doing what makes them happy, each having fun in their own way.

Which of these dogs approaches life like you? We'll tell you what it means.

This dog sees a solution to every problem.

What this says about him/you: If this dog most mirrors your approach to life, can you be our friend too? Good problem solvers usually have less drama and stressful situations in their lives. You think outside of the box if needed. Every problem is a challenge and you accept them all.

This Golden Retriever doesn't care what he looks like, it's all about the fun for him. And the treats, of course.

What this says about him/you: If this dog is most like you, well, what can we say? For you, life's an adventure and you have your own code of values to live by. You aren't strongly influenced by what society is says is normal.  You don't care about the selfie and looking picture perfect, you want to enjoy the moment. And the treats along the way.

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Which of These 5 Dogs Is Most Like You? We'll Tell You What It Means!

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This dog doesn't need to be invited to your party. He brings the party.

What this says about him/you: If this dog is most like you, then you are known as the life and soul of the party among your many circles of friends. You have oodles of energy and know how to tell a joke. If someone were to describe your personality as a colour, you'd be orange.

This dog knows how to comfort friends when they need it most.

What this says about him/you: If this dog is most like you then you know how to enjoy the simplest of things, like reading a good book on a warm Summer's day. You're gentle and empathetic, you make decisions with your heart and will put others needs ahead of your own. You don't need them to reciprocate, but because you're such a good friend you know they'll be there if you ever need them, in much the same way you always are for them.

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Which of These 5 Dogs Is Most Like You? We'll Tell You What It Means!

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These dogs needs to know what's going on.

What these dogs say about them/you: If these dogs are most like you, then you're a deep thinker. You're quiet and reserved, but shouldn't be misjudged because of this. You're curious and like to understand someone's motives for saying or doing something, that way you can lay it to rest in your mind because you understand why someone said or did something.

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