WATCH: 5 Dogs Who Own Youtube

A recent survey claimed that we're spending more time than ever before watching videos online and as dog owners we have to think that a massive part of how we choose to spend time winding down has to involve a dog video or two.

Here are five dogs who have shared their talent and love for life who we think you need to know about.


Surf Loving Staffy Who's Here for a Good Time

Ash the water loving Staffy is fairly new to Youtube but is definitely one to watch.

Making a splash with two videos showing him surfing and diving, we can't wait to see what he shares next.

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Crime Fighting Sausage Dogs

Dachshund Crusoe is a crime fighting, fun loving Minion outfit wearing dog who regularly takes to Youtube to share his mini movies. Sometimes accompanied by his pal Oakley, this is an oldie but a goodie below.

Admit it, you laughed watching this video didn't you. We won't judge you. A dog wearing a police car outfit while chasing his burglar pal would crack even the toughest of nuts.

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This Talking Husky Is No One Trick Pony

Mishka the Husky is possibly best known for sharing three special words 'I Love You' but she's no one trick pony. Watch her show just how many words she knows in one of her latest videos.

Ahh, how cute is she! We love you too Mishka.

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Have you heard about...?

WATCH: 5 Dogs Who Own Youtube

Fenton or Benton?

Okay so not a deliberate star, but a star none the less because we've all had at least one frustrating moment with our dogs where we've battled to get their attention.

Fenton (as it was later confirmed) the black Labrador shot to fame in November 2011 after a passer by captured his frustrated owner, Max Findlay, trying to get his dog to come back to him.

With more than 3.2 million views to the original video and a 'Where's Wally' style book which was released in 2012 titled 'Where's Fenton?', we think he deserves a space in our countdown.


These Dogs Literally Save Lives

Have you ever wondered how a search dog actually goes about their business when saving people trapped?

This video shows just how important dogs are in so many ways in their role as man's best friend.

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