Issue 122

4 Products to Help You Smash Your New Year’s Resolutions

Have you made any New Year's Resolutions for 2019?

Ours all seem to orientate around finding new ways to make life easier and keep things fun without getting bogged down in the everyday stuff, for both ourselves and our dogs.

With that in mind, here are 4 of the best dog products we've found to help us kick start our new year. We hope they'll help you too.

‘I Will Get Active’

We say: Try Dogrobes

Why we love them: Dogrobes are perfect after outdoor adventures. Thanks to the longer loops inside the exclusive fabric, dogs dry quickly in around 30 minutes.

Dogrobes tie around your dog for the perfect fit every time and protect your house and car from wet, muddy shake off. Chihuahua (£18.95) to Newfoundland (£49.95).

K9 Magazine’s Mia in her teal Dogrobe (how cute does our older girl look!)

Priced from £18.95

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‘I Will Make Time to Relax’

We say: Try the Scruffs® Ellen Donut Bed

Why we love it: The Scruffs® Ellen dog bed collection is produced using a textured faux fur, with a contrasting tweed outer cover.

The bed’s sleep area has been lined with a luxurious plush fur, providing warmth and comfort. Each bed is finished with a soft-feel Scruffs logo on the front of the bed.

Price £39.99 (RRP, medium)

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Have you heard about...?

‘I Will Make Cleaning Easier’

We say: Try Bio-Enzyme Odour Management

Why we love it:
The Bio-Enzyme Formula is designed to eradicate the malodours caused by pet accidents on carpets, clothes and car interiors.

This formula eradicates the malodours, unlike other products which just mask the smell. Other products I the range include an anti-bacterial textile cleanser and deodorising room spray and anti-bacterial hard surface cleaner.

Priced from £13.69 (250 mls) – £18.83 (500mls)

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‘I Will Make More Time for Fun’

We say: Try the Chuckit! RingChaser

Why we love it: The Chuckit! RingChaser puts the thrill of the chase at the heart of outdoor play − combining the ease of a launcher with the fumbling fun of grounded games for the first time.

The UltraRing is also designed to mimic the movement of game animals so is guaranteed to engage the ‘chase’ instinct in every pooch.

K9 Magazine’s Christopher with his RingChaser (he does love an orange toy!)

Price £14.99 (RRP)

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