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10 Dogs Who Own Twitter on #TongueOutTuesday

There are certain days as dog owners that you know you'll spot a trending topic on Twitter that gives you that perfect excuse to take a break and look through some funny dog photos. In my experience, #TongueOutTuesday is one of them.

I particularly like capturing photos of my dogs doing silly things and trends like this tell me I'm thankfully not alone, although I think Danny's in a field all of his own managing to have his tongue out while side-eyeing and winking all at the same time. Take a look below. Weird, right?

Pictured above, L-R Christopher, Mia, Danny

But enough of my are 10 dogs who we think own #TongueOutTuesday on Twitter, whether on purpose or not, we love them all the same.

Meet one of the dogs who definitely makes the cut for #TongueOutTuesday's greatest dogs in our opinion.

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Oh, hello! Is Summer finally here?

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Meet Flighty and apparently he's flighty by name and flighty by nature.

This beautiful Greyhound definitely isn't camera shy, but is he looking for a home to call his own. Dog adoption site shared his photo. You can find out more about him here:


The dog who took a break from his job protecting the public to contemplate in the sunshine.

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Have you heard about...?

You Otto know about this Dachshund and his pal, Ava.

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This little chap certainly gets about and we think he has star quality in bucket loads. Not only is he almost as famous as his actress owner Carrie Fisher, he regularly speaks out on social media about different animal welfare causes close to his heart, such as the Yulin Festival

Plus, his name is Gary. 

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We've all done this right? As soon as a camera points at you, you get ready. 3,2,1 - eyes closed, check. Tongue out, check. But have you ever looked as satisfied and happy as this dog when doing it?

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This dog loves to surf. He's a surfing Pug, need we say more.

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This little gem took to Twitter to join in #TongueOutTuesday to speak out about Cavalier health testing.

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Meet Jason. He would make a brilliant ball boy at Wimbledon or sub on the rugby bench, according to his rescue, and we're enchanted by his unique colouring.

Jason is looking for a loving new home to call his own on Find out more about this brilliant little boy here:


We hope you enjoyed our selection of photos - join us next week on and share your photos with us - we'd love to meet the dogs who brighten up your day.




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