TV Presenter Sara Damergi Introduces Her Dog to K9 Magazine

Sara Damergi is a TV property expert who is perhaps best known for helping people find their new life in the sun.

With a passion for property, both at home and abroad, Sara takes to our screens once more in Channel 4's newest property show 'Coast V Country' helping families explore all the countryside has to offer.

Kim O'Meara caught up with the TV expert to hear more about the show and her beloved dog, Thor, who lends a helping hand in the voiceover studio and even makes an appearance in her TV contract!

Hi Sara! Thanks so much for your time today. Tell us all about your dog.

Hi! I have a five year old Cockapoo called Thor! He's named after Chris Hemsworth in 'The Avengers' and he's super loving, fun and totally bonkers. He even features in my 'Coast V Country' contract for when he travels with me!

TV Presenter Sara Damergi Introduces Her Dog to K9 Magazine
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He sounds like a real character!

He really is. I'm sure he prefers humans to dogs (laughs). In fact, because of this quite often he can be seen trying to walk on his hind legs!

TV Presenter Sara Damergi Introduces Her Dog to K9 Magazine

We'll keep an eye out on your social media in case you ever capture and share that! Thinking back to five years ago, what made you decide to get a dog?

I decided to get a dog after I came back from a long stint travelling the world. I didn't expect that presenting for 'A Place in the Sun' would come up, but luckily for Thor, my mum and auntie spoiled him whilst I was filming and he spent the time playing with squeaky toys and getting cuddled!

TV Presenter Sara Damergi Introduces Her Dog to K9 Magazine

It sounds like it all fell into place for you both! The show must have given you a chance to combine your love of property and travelling. How did you first get interested in the world of property developing?

My father is a property developer and entrepreneur and he sparked my interest originally. He worked in the industry with Arabic clients so I saw another world of luxury refurbishments and homes, which was all very exciting to me!

Now he has made me a director of the company in the Middle East, but he is the real driving force and I hope to learn from him always.

Although I haven't been able to get out there as much as envisaged because of my new TV show, 'Coast V Country', the latest two buildings are now at the tiling stage so it's pretty cool!

It sounds very exciting. Have you taken on any refurbishment projects of your own in the UK?

I have a flat in South West London that I have refurbished totally and a place in South East London that had a minor refurb and is being rented out. I'm currently searching for a third to work on during the break in filming.

Your latest TV show 'Coast V Country' sees you journey with those looking to relocate deciding between coastal properties and those in the country. Tell us a bit about the show.

It's a fabulous, fun show with all of the aspirational property elements of 'A Place in the Sun' but with more of a competitive edge.

Plus, we have real domestic dilemmas with couples getting very emotional about life changing decisions! We try to solve them but myself and co-presenter Kerr Drummond can get into a few 'domestics' ourselves! (laughs)

TV Presenter Sara Damergi Introduces Her Dog to K9 Magazine

What have you found, whether at home or abroad, are the most common thing dog owners consider (or need to consider) when relocating?

We have had shows on 'Coast V Country' that have been all about the dogs!

We had one family whose dogs only liked sandy beaches and gave Kerr (our coastal aficionado, pictured below) the brief to show them no properties on beaches with pebbles!

TV Presenter Sara Damergi Introduces Her Dog to K9 Magazine
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But the most common request is a garden and beautiful dog walks nearby, which of course the countryside offers in droves! On 'A Place in the Sun' access to a good vet was understandably the main concern.

Where do you think is the most pet friendly place both at home in the UK and abroad that you've visited (and why)?

The most dog friendly places are in my opinion found in the British countryside. So many local pubs have doggy biscuits and water bowls with dogs lying by their owner's feet in the restaurant area. It's really cosy and lovely!

TV Presenter Sara Damergi Introduces Her Dog to K9 Magazine

That must play very well for you being the countryside expert on the show!

So, now we know a little more about Thor we'd love to ask you some more fun questions to delve a little you have a motto you live your life by? And if Thor had motto what do you think it would be?

My motto is to 'always follow and listen to your intuition!' Appreciate the present moment and go for what you want! (Laughs) I think Thor's motto would be 'never take your eye off the squirrels in the back garden'.

Describe the last time Thor made you laugh out loud.

He makes me laugh every morning I don't know why but I started singing in the morning to him as a joke. Now he nudges me until I sing and he leaps around like a lunatic! It's become a game. (Laughs) I really am a mad dog lady, aren't I?

TV Presenter Sara Damergi Introduces Her Dog to K9 Magazine
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This is a question we're sure you'll never have been asked before (but you might have thought about, don't worry we won't judge you) but if you were matching your fellow 'Country V Coast ' presenter, Kerr to a breed of dog based on his personality alone, what breed of dog do you think he'd be and why...

(Laughs) Well, I think he'd definitely be a Corgi because he's so bloomin' posh!

If you could sum it up, what do you think is the best thing about being a dog owner?

The best thing is the unconditional love you get from a dog! They really are amazing creatures.

TV Presenter Sara Damergi Introduces Her Dog to K9 Magazine

And finally, this is always a tough question but if Thor had the ability to talk and answer one question and one question only, what would you ask him?

Tough question! I think I'd have to ask Thor what he thought the meaning of life was and I'd be interested to hear his answer.

Many thanks Sara!

Watch Sara’s new TV show ‘Coast V Country’ weekdays on Channel 4 from Monday 14th November at 4pm.

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